Will Gala Actually Open an Ice Casino?

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Well, we have to admit that it would be super cool if Gala did open an ice casino. However, there are severe doubts because the news of the proposed Gala Ice Casino was revealed on April Fool’s Day across a multitude of online news media sites. Nevertheless, it could not help but interest us and set our minds thinking.

Gala Reveals Plans on April Fool’s Day

The news was first released within the news section of Gala Casino’s official website. A series of architectural drawings outlined how the casino would look. From the igloo exterior to the pristine blocks inside, everything looks stunning in the drawings. For added effect, Gala even went so far as to display blueprints, plans, and in-progress drawings. Gala certainly went to great lengths in trying to convince the world.

A number of media sites reported Gala’s news verbatim. However, some sites took the time to reword the news and then republish. The former sites were almost certainly contacted by Gala to publish the April Fool’s prank, but the jury is out on the latter. Taking the time to task a well-paid writer to reproduce an article to a readable standard is hardly worthwhile for a prank that will benefit someone else. That leads us to believe that more than a couple of sites actually fell for the prank.

A Prank Inspired in James Bond

Prior to the Daniel Craig reboot of the 007 franchise, Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond went on a trip to an ice hotel in the 2002 movie Die Another Day. The hotel itself looked incredible, and was clearly the inspiration for the Gala April Fool’s prank. One quote even mentions how guests can choose to arrive at the Gala Ice Casino by ‘snowmobile James Bond-style.’

That quote is attributable to Gala planning director Flora Lopis, who attempted to sell the merits of the fictionally planned casino. To build the casino, it is even explained that ‘over 200 native arctic workers’ would be employed to perform the constructions. The Swedish jobs market will have to get over the loss.

Not Launching in 2015

At the beginning of the article, we are told that the ice casino would be launching in Sweden in December 2015. The supposed basis for opening the casino came from fictional research conducted by the not-real Professor Ross Bight from the make-believe Institute of Polar Science in London.

The amusing description explained that participants had been tested in temperatures ranging from -5c to +22c while playing casino games. The participants were said to have benefited from improved performance amid the colder temperatures. Chiefly among the benefits were improved concentration and more calculated decisions. Ultimately, it was said that they earned more winnings.

The phoney scientific research is obviously ridiculous, but the premise of opening an ice casino is awesome. There would surely be attendees, even if only for a short time as a marketing event. As it stands, Gala have left us disappointed that we will not be seeing this casino – sigh.

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