All Slots Casino Reveals Reel Romance

Dark hidden secrets are brought to light, a hint of what seems like an intriguing plot involving sinister looking characters, no it’s not a horror story, it’s Immortal Romance, an exciting new slot game brought to you by

In Immortal Romance, players are introduced to a gathering of unique, paranormal characters, whose fates it seems are intertwined in a dark tale of forbidden love and dark machinations.

The backstory for each of these mysterious characters deepens when they are selected from the pay tables.
It’s a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, buried in a mystery. All mixed in with exciting features and achievement opportunities, ensuring that Immortal Romance will keep you hooked from the second you start.

Bonus Features

Boasting a wide array of features such as the Wild Desire mode, that can trigger without warning during any game and turn up to five reels Wild. There’s also the Free Spins mode which after unlocking The Chamber of Spins, will bestow players with a variety of choice and opportunity in how they play.

Unlocking each room in the Chamber of Spins introduces players to the characters of Immortal Romance, from the witch Amber, vampire Troy, the games heroine Sarah and a whole cast of colourful characters.

Each character also provides a bonus to the player’s game, for example Amber offers 10 free spins with a multiplier of five. Troy summons a swarm of Vampire Bats to fly down and add a multiplier of six to the reels. Even crazier is Sarah’s power, her Wild Vines when activated can randomly change the position of multiple symbols into Wild substitutes to increase the players chance of winning big.

Betting Requirements

Players brave enough to adventure into this dark world will find all their betting desires filled. Players can bet the miniscule amount of thirty pence or the bolder raise of six pounds per line.

But of course the higher the level of bet, the richer the reward, so only the brave may win big. With the possibility of winning up to £7720.00 in the base game alone, you would have to be mad to not give it a go.