Best UK Mobile Carriers for Casinos

The online casino experience is now one that you can expect while on the move, whether you prefer to use a smartphone or a tablet. And software developers and casino sites have strived to ensure that we have the gaming content we desire. Consequently, it is up to mobile phone networks that we can access our favourite mobile casinos without issues.

For mobile casinos UK wide, it is good to know that developers like EE and Three are performing so strongly. A 2014 study performed by research specialist Rootmetrics has revealed that O2 and Vodafone are lagging behind their competitors in categories like speed, reliability, and mobile gaming.

Best Network for Speed: EE

Speed is obviously a critical factor in assessing the viability of a mobile carrier for playing mobile casino games. With many sites now delivering their games using HTML5 technology, which eliminates the need for mobile apps because games are played within browsers, it is crucial that mobile carriers can offer access to a speedy network.

A slow mobile network means that players will suffer from lagging, glitchy graphics that compromise their experience. Video slots are now becoming ever more advanced, with some incorporating cinematic footage straight off the silver screen. Thus, speed is the first category of focus.

EE finished top of the pile for mobile internet performance, receiving a score of 88.0. In comparison, number two-rated three had a lower score of 83.7. To explain the success of EE, it needs to be pointed out that the network was formed in a 2010 joint-venture between Orange and T-Mobile. The combination of two networks gave them an edge in rolling out 4G first.

But while it has been extremely successful, change is likely coming to EE. Not long ago, an announcement came that UK telecoms giant BT had agreed a deal to acquire EE for an enormous £12.5 billion sum. Due to BT’s lack of presence in the UK mobile market, it is widely expected that the deal will be approved by March 2016 at the latest.

BT has exhibited an insatiable appetite for expansion of late. After launching a sports channel and striking a multiyear deal to broadcast the Champions League, BT is next eying a £12.5 billion acquisition of Three. Years ago, BT Cellnet had represented the operator’s last major presence in the UK mobile phone market. A return would have dramatic repercussions for the likes of Three, O2, and Vodafone.

Best for Travelling Players: Three

Mobile gaming is hugely dependent on connectivity, which means that players need a reliable network that is constantly there for them. Although a network might boast of certain top speeds, that becomes irrelevant if players cannot access the internet to place their wagers. From that perspective, we have to name Three as the best mobile carrier for travelling players.

Another vital finding in the report from Rootmetrics was the most reliable of the UK’s four leading mobile networks. Although finishing second in England, Three was rated as the number for reliability in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Three was even given a reliability award in recognition of its performance.

Three chief technology officer Bryn Jones spoke of how the network focuses on ensuring its customers have a consistent experience. Further adding to the results, Jones explained that Three had plans to increase its investment in infrastructure in order to improve the quality of its network.

Best for Mobile Gambling: Three

Three has been named here because of its commitment to the user experience. To ensure that customers remain connected, Three gives them a range of choices with which to access the internet. For smartphones and tablets, it is possible to do so with 4G by acquiring SIM cards either monthly or on pay as you go.

Alternatively, Three can also provide its customers with a wireless dongle that can plug in to their devices. Additionally, Three has its new MiFi device for connecting up to 10 devices to a mobile internet connection.

Mobile gambling represents a potential for parents who need to keep their children away from grown-up websites. Three helps its customers to make their devices child-friendly by providing recommendations on the best parental control app and browsers. Additionally, Three can also help you to block app purchases and implement password control.

You should always seize the opportunity to switch to a superior mobile service whenever possible. There is no sense in paying a premium when you could be getting a better service for the same price. You can use this resource to check the UK coverage of your network.