Bet Victor Mobile Casino

You may notice two things right away about BetVictor’s mobile casino, if you’re sharp. First, its ‘mobile’ outlook leads with tablets (based upon the rather youngish lady pictured holding a tablet). Second, this is a real mobile shop, folks, and by that we mean mainly that there is real selection in games.

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Selection Is the Name of the Game

Not just a multitude of games, but specifically a multitude of titles by various game suppliers (and their respective jackpot networks, don’t forget). There are at least three sources that we spotted (Microgaming, IGT and Net|Ent).  That means you get safe & serious options for your deposit money.

BetVictor — we should say here — is one of the highest quality operators in the world, especially for sportsbook lovers. The whole show is staged by a charismatic British bookie named Victor (you see him very discretely featured in some ads), who is a rather good at what he does and also bloody rich for it.

Victor does not mess around with his website. It’s a premium destination. We place it somewhere on our top 5 all-around best mobile casinos — up there with JetBull and MrGreen.


Being generally excellent down to every detail, BetVictor makes things very simple for mobile users, especially: all games can be played without a download, using the Web browser instead of a native app installed upon one’s phone or tablet.

TIP: A solid WiFi connection is best for these games, although as always you will need to confirm that your ISP’s speeds and ping rates are high enough for proper game response.

This in-the-browser approach has many benefits to all, including centralized game-hosting online, which means there is one game delivered to many players, rather than as many games (apps) as players. That means that updates to games happen for all players simultaneously.

Promotions Worthy of the Name

There is no need to go into detail about games, somehow, knowing that your interest in various themed slots, for example, will never run out at the vast Bet-Victor e-casino. Moreover, when you’re ready for the next game, you can switch game-maker entirely for a completely different experience.

The presence of too large a selection of games for us to review is the foundation for BetVictor’s assortment of promotions, after all. The promotions sink or swim based upon the overall quality being promised (which in this case does exist).

We can mention, however, that there are the usual types of games, including:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slot machines
  • Video poker
  • Live dealers/spinners
  • 3D-animated slots
  • Side-games

You can bet, too, that each type is represented by more than one game maker’s vision of that type, as well (more than one source of 3D slots, for instance). Another game provider awaits you today, see this review

To get started, you simply register and claim the welcome gift of (currently) £10. There is also an advertised £175 in free bonus cash, and here is how that works:

  1. After wagering £500 you get £25 back
  2. After wagering the next £1,500 and get £50
  3. After wagering the next £3,000 you get £100

See more Free bonus cash, read this article

Obviously that scheme is driven toward building a relationship with you, and gaining your loyalty. That is also reflected in Victor’s offering nearly every payment method out there, like Ukash, Payforit, phone bill or SMS, and so on.

To have to spend £5,000 for £175 is a bit steep. Rather than seeing that as a rip-off, we think the proper way to see it is as the seal on BetVictor’s promise to keep you smiling.

Bet Victor CasinoGet 200% Welcome Bonus at BetVictor!