Betable’s New Software Tools Improve Outlook for Mobile App Developers

There is a brand new surge of mobile games set to hit the market soon.  This is largely due to a London-based start-up called Betable, a team of software developers who provide gambling tools for app developers. The tools are mainly geared towards Android and Apple devices and their future is certainly looking bright after they managed to source $18.5 million during its 2nd round of fund sourcing, led by Venture51. Their total funding has now reached a total of $23 million when you take previous fund sourcing into account from Founders Fund and Greylock Partners.


Real Money Software

The company’s core competence comes from their injecting code into a game, which allows betting.  This allows developers to focus their minds on creating an optimised look and feel just right and then easily integrate a betting facility. By doing this, developers are completely free from concerns about the wagering aspect of the app.

The wagering code that developers can integrate includes code for payments, detection of fraud, regulatory compliance as well as the complex algorithm requited for real-money gambling.  Betable’s CEO, Christopher Griffin, launched the company in 2011 after explaining that the industry is lacking innovation.  He went on to say that mobile casinos are simply copies of online casino games and there is little effort being made to add real-money gambling to players who play various different games on their mobiles, not including slots, roulette and blackjack.

Already Active

30AK Gaming from Quebec is already utilising Betable tools to provide a range of real-money games, which includes a variation of Battleship.  In this game, players can win cash by directly hitting their opponent and lose cash when taking a hit.  “Because we are in such early stages of this real-money wave there’s no need to build large-scale, multimillion-dollar games,” explained the director of 30AK Gaming Mikael Lefebre. “We can just push out fun, small, real-money games.”

The new Battleship game, titled Battle Keno, cost almost £100,000 to produce.  Despite the big cost, it might play a huge role in experimenting in bringing real money cash to the wider mobile gaming market, outwith simply casino players.

Managing partner of Venture51 Ryan Swagar compared Betable to PayPal and Skype in describing the major change it could bring to the industry and the company certainly has the vision required.