Betfair team up with Snapchat

Betfair are teaming up with Snapchat photo messaging mobile application this weekend. Online gambling company Betfair have used similar ways to interact with their users before. Although this will be the first time a gaming company have teamed up with Snapchat.

Betfair will be the first firm in the industry to link up with Snapchat, this will be advantageous to Betfair. Having such a great partnership will no doubt increase business to Betfair and Snapchat. This partnership will definitely be in both businesses best interests to gain momentum for both sites.

This trial will run this weekend specifically, which will run for a football match. The football matches this weekend which this deal will be promoted on is the Chelsea v Everton and the Crystal Palace v Manchester United English Premier League matches this Saturday. The purpose of Betfair and Snapchat teaming up is to push odds through the “Betfairofficial” profile on the app.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a photo messaging service which is available through social media. Snapchat is most commonly found on social media thorough the use of Mobile Phones. Snapchat is an app which players can downloads, which allows players to take photos, record videos, add text and drawing and send to a list of recipients. These communications are more commonly referred to as “snaps”.

There is also a time limit in which the recipient can view these “snaps. The time limit is presently from 1 – 10 seconds. After this time the “snap” will be taken down and deleted from Snapchats servers and also hidden from the recipient’s device.

Betfair have used this promotion before with something similar, on Twitter, when a campaign was launched with a similar promotional template. This was adopted when the brand had just launched, offering exclusive odds via its Twitter profile.


Future of Betfair with Snapchat?

If this trial weekend with both football matches proves to be a success, Betfair will expand the project. Betfair Brand Director, Mark Ody commented that although Snapchat is fairly new on to the market. That Snapchat have had a relatively large growth span in a short while, as this app has proved so popular. Mark Ody also stated that as Snapchat is growing at a rapid pace on social media, that this will play a pivotal role in the marketing mix of companies going forward. This trial also has huge potential and as Betfair is one of the first brands or betting companies to make use of this platform.