The Big Bs: Blackjack vs Baccarat

The fundamental aim of any blackjack player is to obtain a better hand than the dealer without going bust, as they compete against no other players during gameplay. Depending on which version of online or mobile blackjack you play, there will be varying decks of cards used. Make sure that you aware of whether there four decks or eight decks in use, as this factor will dramatically shift the odds during play.

Blackjack hands are determined on the basis of achieving a score that finishes on 21. Any scores of more than 21 are declared as bust, with the dealer winning automatically. This must have a bearing on the strategy of your bets by holding back on risky hands like 16 or 17. You won’t stand a chance of winning if you are bust first.

When it comes to finding an appealing RTP for developing winnings, it is tough to look past the 0.28% house edge of blackjack. This is an important reason why many casino gamers stick with blackjack rather than baccarat, which has a higher house edge (displayed below). Additionally, blackjack also offers a superior challenge because you need to consider odds with every hand in order to make the wisest betting decisions.


Compared to blackjack, baccarat is a much simpler game. However, where the two games are similar is that baccarat players are dealt two cards to begin the game. Those two cards are then added up to provide a score. When undertaking the calculation, you score numbered cards as the number they display. For face cards, these are scored as being worth ten points.

Baccarat might appear as being a little odd because only the right hand digit of a score is taken into consideration. For instance, an 18 is scored as an eight during play. The challenge of playing baccarat is to receive a score of eight or nine, as these are considered to be winning hands. Hands worth less than eight or nine will take another card. Following the deal of an initial hand consisting of two cards, these are the potential outcomes:

  • 0-5 – Take another card
  • 6-7 – Stand on first two cards and wait to see dealer’s hand
  • 8-9 – The best hands in the game

Played with 52 playing cards, baccarat is relatively devoid of strategy. You simply don’t have a wide range of potential like with blackjack. The game is intended to be a casual experience focused on having fun. Deciding on a third card in baccarat doesn’t feel as dramatic as blackjack, as you won’t go bust. As well as being a fun experience, baccarat offers is enticing for its low house edge:

  • Player – 1.36% house edge
  • Banker – 1.17% house edge

Casino Apps and Sites

Mobile baccarat and blackjack can deliver an interactive casino experience even when you are on the move. The games aren’t particularly demanding for visual graphics, which makes them ideal for being displayed on mobile devices. Software developers can produce outstanding results because the primary focus is on the cards. Underneath are some real money recommendations for playing mobile blackjack or baccarat:

  • – An outstanding mobile casino for table games, is powered by Playtech software. Play within your mobile browser by accessing in your browser. Mobile versions of blackjack and baccarat are provided.
  • 32 Red – Number two on the list will also give you an engaging mobile experience. The screens are uncluttered and the command buttons are simple to get to grips with.
  • Paddy Power – Download the live casino app and play baccarat hosted by live dealers. This is the most innovative option of the three.

To summarise, blackjack offers the prospect of a better RTP and is more challenging when compared to baccarat. Experienced players will favour blackjack in this battle.