Disco Dollars

Where do we start with our praise of the graphical appeal of Disco Dollars by Probability plc? This truly is one hip online/mobile slot. It’s perfect side-entertainment in a clutch purse or jacket on those nights of clubbing (or imagined clubbing).

Backend-wise and in terms of RTP (the return to player rate), the UK-built Probability system is solid, dependable and fair. No need to worry about the source of this game, or its built-in bonuses. What we really want to highlight is the visual impact and game play of Disco Dollars itself.

Game ‘Play’ For Sure

Probability has come up with an intriguingly club-like overall effect for Disco Dollars that is entirely consistent with its name. In this case, the theme is not just a mask on the same old slot machine, like all those Hollywood-blockbuster slots (and Probability makes its share of those).

The disco ball, dancers, lights, effects and the illuminated dance floor form the game’s screen. On a smaller mobile device, it’s amazing how DiscoDollars fills the space. The direction of the dance floor pulls you into the scene.

At the bottommost edge, you can adjust your bet using a bouncy little tool. It can be played for as little as 1p but as you increase the pay-lines up to 38, of course your bet should increase. 38 pay-lines is off-the-hook for a mobile slot — again, it fits perfectly with this high-energy theme!

As you get your bet nailed down, you can check out a temporary scrolling ticker with recent winners/amounts. That’s encouraging, because when you hit spin you’re in for a ride.

Spinning Your Heels

The five reels start spinning in a wild blurring flurry that you can half see through. There’s a kind of mist and in it you can the silhouettes of dancers, in-between the blurring reels. The stop/go motions on this slot have a bounce-back effect that gives everything a plucky feel.

When reels stop they kick-back, to reveal super clear graphic symbols:

  • Boom box
  • Afro-mama
  • Girl swining her hair
  • Vinyl record
  • Gold dollar
  • High-heels

And so on … you have all the thrilling trappings of a disco club. What fun! This slot pulls together its visual theme and game play features in a rare way, which is completely self-consistent and loads of laughs.

Where Do We Dance?

The great thing about finding the Disco-Dollars Slot online is that you will be part of one of the best online casinos in the world — one that can license genuine Probability games. We’ll highlight a few such places for you.

Moobile Games is based upon Probability technology, with a twist, since it also produces some of its titles in-house. We like that diversity, and wish more casinos had it. The sign-up bonus is solid at £225 at 100% match, plus £10 free cash to get your bankroll started. [Full Review]

Ladylucks Online Casino is really the flagship of Probability’s clientele. Ladylucks is one of the most recognised UK brands, with a huge loyal following and TV adverts to boot. You get the same £225 as Moobile. No free cash here, but you do get a chance at an iPad+£500 and the Mini Break vacation. [Full Review]

Other Disco-Dollars-equipped casinos you might try are LotteryCasino.net and Elite Mobile Casino, which is another Probability flagship. Enjoy your night out on the town!