EA and Hasbro Join Forces to Launch New Casino Monopoly Games

Players can now download Monopoly Bingo and Monopoly Slots from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore.

In conjunction with Hasbro Games, Electronic Arts (EA) has developed a couple of brand new mobile games, taking advantage of the recent surge in mobile bingo and slots and the long-lasting popularity in the classic board game.  These games are casual, fun and offer players the chance to get big casino-style wins.


A Word from the Developers

“We’ve taken two of the most-time tested game mechanics–bingo and slots–and paired them with MONOPOLY, the world’s favourite game brand, to create two unique mobile experiences that will give fans a simple and easy way to collect their favourite properties, tokens and other aspects of the MONOPOLY world they’ve come to love over the years,” said the Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA, Chip Lange. “Gamers will feel right at home with these MONOPOLY titles. Big risk and huge rewards await them as they build property empires, collect tokens, and spin and bingo their way through the MONOPOLY world we all know and love.”

Now Live

You can access these games today in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore.  Download it now to start enjoying that classic Monopoly fun but with high definition graphics and even some exclusive game modes.  You will be able to bingo your way through the boardwalk and watch as your properties come to life as your neighbourhood develops.  You will be kept well entertained while playing this game as you can play up to 8 cards at a time on smartphones and up to 16 at a time on tablet devices!  There are also Chances and Lucky Number bonuses, helping you reach your target sooner.  You will be collecting virtual rewards as you progress through the game, including Monopoly properties, houses and hotel upgrades.  You can also get involved with the Monopoly Bingo Fall Feast Room for a limited time only so get involved soon!

Monopoly Slots

Download Monopoly Slots today, from your respective app store in select territories and challenge other players to games while playing on the various slot machines.  Watch as Mr Monopoly celebrates your wins as you progress.  You will also be able to access upgradable slot themes, big bonuses and exclusive mini games.