Gamzino to Launch New Real-Money Casino App

The market for real-cash casino gaming of all kinds is growing astronomically profitable. For that reason, there is plenty of incentive for game developers to create niche games — the market is that big, and nobody expects a game to suit everyone.

Gamzino is making a splash by going for this audience: people who want a premium social slots experience with bombproof mobile access and banking.

The Selling Points

Slots-O-Luck Adventure, the new casino app by Gamzino, is not a single game title, but an environment that is social-enabled. That means it blends in social network-type features like:

user profiles
ability to make friends
ability to have fans/followers
power to give gifts within Slots-O-Luck Adventure
chance to advance in the game’s levels

That is what you find with social slots: community and interaction while you play, chat and spin.

Access to Adventure

Gamzino is producing its mobile casino app to comply with the rules of the Apple iTunes Store, which carefully excludes apps with an ‘adult’ entertainment feel or content.

Real money gambling apps usually fall into that censored category. But the situation is different in the UK, where gambling of most kinds is legal and highly regulated. For that reason, real-cash game apps are allowed after they pass Apple’s basic qualifications. Slots-O-Luck is available at the iTunes Store.

Confidence in Safe Spins

That gives Apple-equipped players who want to download, install and use this app plenty of confidence in terms of its reputation and security even though it is a newer app offering.

This is the good aspect of apps made for Apple: they are usually safe to use because of the company’s high degree of concern for its user’ safety and overall experience of convenience and less hassles. And, that is probably why Gamzino is focusing upon the Apple audience rather than the more popular and wider-selling Android system.

Secure Top Ups

In the trend of real-cash casinos, social casinos sell players more than just chips (for example, there are various packs of credits — customers often think to give away some of these credits to their online friends inside the Slots-O-Luck world).

Gamzino has put some major effort into its payment processing capabilities by licensing the secure system, Cashbet, to handle its members’ financial services. This was in the news about Gamzino’s new game offering.

This means that the company plans to concentrate on its games — at a time when specialised companies like Cashbet do a better job with their given focus. That includes the security and the convenience of making secure top-ups even when playing mobile on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Go On — Have an Adventure!

We think you’ll love the snappy graphics of Slots-O-Luck — its style is like the caricature drawings that you can have drawn in a boardwalk scene or at a fair. Some of the ladies depicted are a bit racy, too!

This trend of social slots, with the main draw of levels to ascend (in this case, you progress through the exciting ‘Slots City’) is here to stay — and Gamzino aims to give you its best example yet.