Google Lifts Ban on Gambling Apps

Google Play is the main marketplace from where Android users download native apps. For years now, Google Play has operated with a ban on real-money gambling apps. However, this has all changed, with gambling apps now permitted to appear on Google Play from summer 2017 until further notice.

How Mobile Apps Differ from Casino Sites

Online gambling operators have the choice of developing native apps that must be d0ownloaded or else create a responsive website that can be accessed through browsers.

Casino Sites

At a glance, casino sites benefit niche and mid-tier gambling operators because they can focus their resources on constructing a single site that can be accessed by a huge group of players. For example, HTML5 browsers will allow for a single site to be responsive on Windows, Apple iOS, and Android.

Mobile Apps

The simplest case to be made for mobile apps is that they can be quicker and deliver better performance compared to mobile sites. Considerable resources are required when maintain a desktop site along with dedicated apps for iOS and Android, but this will benefit mobile users. Reasonably, it will mostly be the wealthy operators that can afford this strategy.

How Android Players Will Benefit

Native gambling apps have been restricted for Android users. Other companies have attempted to create dedicated delivery systems for Android gambling apps, but the likes of Betcade failed to take off, as Google Play is the overwhelming choice for loyal Android users.

Alternate Delivery Systems Failed

The need for alternative delivery systems was also negated by the fact that casino sites have been widely accessible and responsive on Android for years. However, iOS users have quietly been benefiting from whenever they have encountered dedicated casino apps on their operating system.

Superior Performance Achievable

For the most efficient software developers, it will be possible to create Android casino apps that can boast twice the speed and functionality of an HTML5 site. This is obviously going to appeal to players once they are made aware of the benefits, but the limits of device memory could play a role.

Basically, the rise of Android apps could see players declare their loyalty to only a couple of options, while then choosing to explore sites instead.

Are More Changes on the Way?

Google Play has revealed through its Developer Policy Center that real money gambling apps for Android can now be submitted to the marketplace. However, could there be further changes on the way for Android casino players?

Expanded to New Countries

France, Ireland, and the UK were the first countries to be allowed to submit real-money gambling apps from August 2017. At the time, restrictions were still in place for submitting apps to the Google Play store and having them accessible in the likes of Spain, Germany, and further afield.

Moving forward, there could be a chance that Google opens up the marketplace to software providers that want to connect with players living in others parts of Europe and the rest of the world. However, patience will be needed during this experimental time.

VR and AR Apps

Google and Android are standing on the precipice of a new gaming and entertainment generation that will see users start to make much greater use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). A range of VR headsets are available now while wearable technology like Google Glass can deliver AR experiences.

Software developers like NetEnt and Microgaming have developed hundreds of casino games and online slots for standard apps and websites, but now they are focusing on VR and AR technology. Google Play remains a business and could be opening up access to pave the way for next-generation casino operators.