Health Lottery launches Health Bingo

The Health Lottery has finally launched its very own Health Bingo. The Health lottery is moving into the online bingo market with the launch of their new website Health lottery. The new website will sit comfortably along the recognised online lottery games that the Health lottery already has established.

The Health lottery bingo launched on New Year’s Day, it will use Bede gaming bingo software, which is less known. This means players may be playing games they’ve never heard or seen before which will be more appealing for players. Health Bingo will offer its players a US style of 75 ball bingo and classic 90 ball European bingo games. That’s not all the Health Bingo also have loads for players to be tempted with including online slots machines and casino offerings, there is no word yet as to whether it not it will become a mobile bingo and casino platform too.

Bede Gaming Software

The Health Bingo is also partnered by Bingos Stars which is another site that uses Bede gaming and another bingo site called IP&S. As Health Bingo of course wants to drive up their number they are looking for ways to grab player’s attention. Most bingo sites do this through their public relations, whether it is a famous face of their brand or an exclusive deal for only the players on their website.

With software as good as Bede gaming, players will be presented with a different aspect of gaming compared to the big software giants that power the bigger bingo brands. This software will offer something different and with this Bingo being represented by Health Bingo it will be of more interest to a lot of players. Health Bingo currently has a range of different promotions on their website including daily freebies and over £5000 to be won daily.

the healthy lottery

Health Bingo’s Welcome Bonus

Health Bingo’s welcome bonus includes a 200% first deposit bonus up to a staggering £150! If players decide to deposit just £20, they will have £60 in total to play with. With a fantastic offer like this one it is easy to see why people may want to join up as soon as they can, especially if they are already a fan of playing bingo, slots or casino games online.

Health lottery will no doubt be adding more additions and features to their online website shortly. As the site just recently launched they will have bigger jackpots everyday added.