HiLo Poker

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mFortune is a real favourite in the UK, and beyond, for exactly the opposite reasons that huge mega-casino sites like Casino.com or VirginGames are very popular. Although the site surely is high-tech and geared exclusively for mobile players, there is something more approachable about it.

Although you have seen mFortune TV ad, with the fruit-headed lady dancing, even this has an over-the-top quality that is quite endearing and that warmth won’t be found on any megasites, or many other sites besides.

The friendliness of mFortune carries into its beloved classic, HiLo Poker for mobile (all mobile systems are fully compatible with this game). This is not the fanciest app, nor is it the most packed with 3D shorts or racy graphics.

But mFortune HiLo Poker is addictive. The reason is its very simplicity. According to some players, the game’s strongest quality is value, and actually this would apply to mFortune as a whole. Let’s take a look at why this is.

HiLo Game Play

Playing HiLo is a joy on mFortune’s free-to-download app. The colour palette is dark and richly decked out in velvety burgundy. The graphics are realistic but not too slick, and we love the really textured feeling of the cards and buttons.

The way the cards lay is itself worthy of mention. This visual detail, if you think about it, is really important to the minute-to-minute experience because, where do you think you’re looking most of the time?

Your hand is laid out at the bottom, nearest you, and it gets tucked under a deep shadow when you’re using certain controls such as bet adjustment. Otherwise, your cards appear neat and yet their lighting, size and slightly not-straight positions make them feel very natural when examining what you’ve got.

As for the larger dimension of the game’s value, one crucial thing is minimum bet and you can play HiLo for as little as 10p! On the other hand, concerning the issue of your bankroll, modest though it may be, you can make quick deposits on the run using the pay-by-phone-bill option. All the leading alternatives to credit cards are offered also. Mobile bonuses offered here

Bonuses That Count

Pulling back one more level, to mFortune’s overall policies, we find yet more to love. Not only is this a dedicated mobile casino, it makes all its own games in-house rather than licencing them from companies like Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, or Probability.

What this means to you is that the experience is always fresh at mFortune. What more value could you want than that? The bonuses are standard fare (up to £100 at 100% match plus £5 free cash) but there is something rather different about them.

Whereas nearly every bonus you get at online casinos is marred by wagering requirements, mFortune stands alone is making its ‘free’ cash bonuses actually free. You can withdraw winnings derived from your bonus cash immediately, without painfully fulfilling wagering requirements to unlock what is yours.

We saved the best aspects of mFortune for last. The fact that its HiLo mobile app is both appealing and a snappy performer is just icing on the cake. Always be safe when playing, read this article

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