Infographic from PocketWinnings Demonstrates Growth

Top mobile casino has recently undertaken a study into the speedy growth of the mobile gambling industry.  The online casino exploded little over a decade ago and things are only going to go up faster this time round.  Not only do we carry around mobile casinos in our pockets 24 hours a day, but the entire online casino infrastructure is in place beforehand.

Recent Surge

The last two years in particular have shown substantial change in the industry.  Mobile gambling operators have claimed to have seen 150% growth during the past year and top bookmakers William Hill and Paddy Power have released that almost half of their Sportsbook turnover was from mobile devices.  An Infographic released by mobile casinos news site PocketWinnings perfectly demonstrates the growth and development of the industry.

$100 Billion by 2017

The Infographic demonstrates how the mobile gambling industry could be worth up to $100 billion by the year 2017 and also includes some specifics about the various operators and mobile games.  In a statement, a spokesperson from PocketWinnings said: “The growth of remote real-money gaming services has surprised many people, especially in the mobile betting and casino industry. Furthermore, with US states such as New Jersey set to regulate mobile casinos in the new few months, we thought now would be a great time to publish an infographic on the issue”.

Share of Overall Gambling Market

At present, mobile revenues account for 15% of the total gambling industry and it is expected that this is rise to 17% in the next year or two. added that this increase represents a healthy 19% growth rate for the whole gambling industry.  Adam Green, head of the research team at Pocket Winnings, said, “The accelerated growth of the mobile gambling industry is mainly due to the increasing proportion of people in the world who own a smart phone, larger amounts of people accessing the Internet via mobile devices and an increase in the number of mobile-only casino providers such as Probability Ltd and Pocket Fruity.”

Big Jackpot Winners

The infographic also displays some of the top jackpot winners on mobile casinos.  First, it mentions the £866,000 win at William Hill in August, up to the mobile casino record when Gabriel L won a staggering £3.74 at Spin and Win!