Is it possible that mobile casino games are rigged?

The web is home to a frightening amount of scams. From Nigerian emails and royal correspondence to unscrupulous retailers and fake products, you are wise to maintain suspicion during your web usage. As a result, some gamers are concerned about playing mobile casino games in case they are rigged. Casino Juggler is going to examine this topic and help you to avoid this from ever happening.

Expectations Can’t Change

Prior to online casino websites being formed, casino games have been around for centuries. Whether you prefer blackjack, craps, roulette, or slots, these games have all been around and served to anchor our expectations for what we expect during our casino experience. And based on the offline experience, you are safe in assuming the odds to expect from a reputable online casino.

On more basic games like US roulette, your odds will still be one out of 38 for landing a single. Just because the game is digital, it does not mean that you can expect to receive worse odds for achieving any of the outcomes. Similarly, your expectations will not change between real life blackjack and the digital version – unless of course one of them uses a different number of decks of cards than normal.

Random Number Generators

Random number generators (RNGs) are the software programs that are responsible for determining all of the results at your favourite online casinos. But trusting your experience to the outcome of software can be unsettling for some; with fears of casino games fixed arising in their minds. However, there is nothing to be afraid of when using a reputable RNG.

In fact, RNGs are central to ensuring that you are not a victim of casino games fixed in the favour of the operator. These programs work by taking a starting number, known as the seed, from which a complex algorithm generates a new number completely at random. These numbers can often be six digits in length, making it nearly impossible to get the better of them if you don’t know the seed number.

Avoiding Dodgy RNGs

Casinos that want to scam players require the seed number to skew RNGs to their favour. However, most sites get their software from specialist providers and wouldn’t have the first idea of how to perform complex manipulations. However, it is not unheard of for illegal casino websites to have such expertise.

The only way around this issue is for third-party analysis to be performed on RNGs. You can see evidence of this at the bottom of casino homepages, where the likes of eCOGRA and other third-party RNG verification companies will display their respective seals of approval. Check the bottom of the page for seals of approval and do not play at the site if these are absent.

Are Players Prevented from Winning?

Take the time to indulge in even a spot of casual play at online casino and you will see that it is not impossible to generate winnings. There are some games where you can win more simply by betting smart. For instance, wager smaller amounts on slots to increase the likelihood of reaching bonus rounds and triggering larger jackpot payouts from the more obscure combinations of symbols.

Compared to mobile casino games to winning the lottery and you are more likely to win. Like the lottery, however, you will have to wait longer to generate the largest wins, and this is simply because they are less likely to happen. No intelligent bettor will go to a roulette table and expect to expand their bankroll by sticking to wagers made on single numbers. To summarise, it is merely less common to experience the more challenging outcomes of games.

Are Displayed Winnings Genuine?

For the most part, casino websites will display the largest recent wins from players. Honestly, this is where there can be a trick or two. And the most common would be casinos displaying wins from other sites on their own software network. Although these wins are genuine, they just might not be from your casino. There are plenty of success stories out there that are genuine, and these can be found with a quick search.

Finding Safe and Fair Casinos

Generally speaking, the safest thing to do is play at branded online casinos that you have actually heard of. And the same can be said for the gaming software, so that means playing at casinos powered by the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt.

If you are ever in doubt, simply perform a Google to search to check out a particular casino. Also, don’t forget to send in any questions the team here at Casino Juggler. We can take a look at any suspicious sites and advise you further. It is much quicker for us to find information based on our considerable knowledge, experience, and connections.