Mobile Gambling Growth

All brands are trying to come up with the next big thing in mobile as this is where big business makes its megabucks. Although the next big thing may have already arrived without anyone realising its out there yet. Juniper Research reported on Tuesday that Gambling is the next big thing within the mobile market although on a social platform it hasn’t established its hold within the mobile market as of yet. Gambling really is big business in terms of lotteries and sport betting. More and more people are relying more heavily on their home computer and mobile to get their bets on or check their lottery number this is helping to establish gambling in a large way on a more global landscape.

Juniper Research Figures

Juniper Research has revealed figures that suggest that mobile gambling in 2013 is just the start of this technological boom. With smartphones and tablets becoming more advanced every day, the need for better software within this field is vital. Juniper Research has estimated that by 2018 164 million will use mobile devices for gambling. That’s a huge surge in use, also that this great surge will be the result of North America which will drive the market. Mobile gambling has been slow due to regulatory issues this will hopefully cease in the following couple of years.

Growth in Mobile Gambling

The reason for this slow growth in the U.S is due to on-going legislative changes along with successful launches of products in places such as Nevada and Jersey which will hopefully speed up the process. In a previous report, Juniper Research stated that by 2017 that revenue from mobile gambling would surpass the $100 billion mark.

mobile gaming

Online Casinos are also a vast way of revenue in terms of banking especially since most large casinos have some sort of online presence. The money that these types of businesses can offer players online is astounding especially since the new mobile device Tablet has been launched to interact with all things online and placing bets. Most people these days find it more accessible and more convenient to use mobiles and tablets than a Pc especially for someone who is busy and maybe works long hours. It is so easy for anyone to check their bank online and maybe visit a horse racing site or any gambling site to stake money.

These figures will continue to rise due to the advances that will be made in the future of technology, it will continue to advance beyond people’s expectations.