myVegas Slots Launched by PlayStudios

As if you weren’t already spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile casino’s there is about to be a new kid on the block!  Play Studio’s has just announced that they are launching a brand new app that will be compatible with both iOS and Android Devices which means you can enjoy all of their top offerings on the go!

my vegas

What to Expect from the App

This brand new app will be a free to play mobile casino game where instead of winning cold hard money you can scoop points which you will continue to earn by playing their slot games.   The more you play the more rewards you will reap including higher levels by taking part in challenges, battle rounds and puzzles.  This will give you access to a larger variety of games.

Andrew Pascal who is the CEO and President of Play Studio’s said about their launch to the mobile market: “Launching our new app is a huge step forward for us as we connect with a rapidly expanding, increasingly global, mobile audience”.

Floods of Fans Already Hooked

The game has already gained mass success with hundreds of thousands of player’s already having a go on their app via Facebook and over $10 million has been generated in their real world rewards up until now.  It’s been so impressive in fact that it’s encouraged the likes of Wolfgang Puck the celebrity chef and Cirque du Soleil to become partners with them.  It’s gotten so much attention that MGM has they have been promoting their brands on myVegas to try and attract new customers.

How will this affect the Likes of Las Vegas

Pascal had made it clear that they aren’t really into the real money gambling and feel that that should be left to the professionals and are after a completely different market.  Although the app allows players to progress through a virtual Vegas, they think that cash betting should still be done at land based casinos.  MGM has mentioned that it has encouraged players to attend their casinos and they definitely feel that more people have been heading through their doors.

Mobile Casino Apps

There are more and more of these coming up these days and with Facebook being so dominant in the social media world it was expected that these kinds of treats would be launched and myVegas has proven to be one of the hits so far!