New App Launched from Jackpot City

Jackpot City is one of the most impressive online casinos about.  The word stylish certainly comes to mind when you land on this page.  Their landing page looks over a vibrant city, with lights illuminating the night sky.  The online casino provider has recently launched their new mobile app, optimised for iOS devices.

Previously, players had to stream the casino from their mobile browser, but the new app now allows players a more streamlined and seamless experience.  This means that mobile players can now enjoy the same top quality experience as online players.

jackpot city

Lucrative Industry

The range of games they host is already impressive and they continue to add new titles every week!  The industry is growing rapidly and we are seeing more and more casinos hit the only space all the time.  For this reason, it is essential for casinos such as Jackpot Capital to optimise the product offered to players in any way possible.  The first online casino launched in the United States and the potential of the American market is absolutely colossal.

New Games

Gambling companies will all be getting in position to take advantage of this potentially hugely lucrative market by offering their players even more choice, rewards and games.  Jackpot City has definitely recognised the importance of having a fresh selection of games for their players and has recently launch a mobile version of the Immortal Romance slot game.  This slot has proved to be hugely popular on the desktop platform and they are expecting the same success on the mobile casino.


One of the key characteristics of a mobile casino is its ease of use.  With a limited touch screen display, players must be able to navigate around the app with ease and locate what they are looking for.  If a mobile platform does not offer this convenience, it is likely that players will simply try out a different mobile casino.  Jackpot City has nothing to worry about in this area, as they have got their navigational system down to a tee.

Mobile Boom

The booming mobile casino industry is improving players’ experiences like never before.  The huge amount of choice on offer has meant a high level of competition and this competition has made it crucial for online and mobile casinos to improve their player offering.  If you are a fan of Jackpot City’s desktop site, you’ll have absolutely no qualms about downloading their mobile casino.