NordicBet launches with Evolution Gaming

NordicBet teams up with Evolution Gaming

NordicBet is partnering up with Evolution Gaming and they have recently announced that they have launched a new live casino offering from Betsson owned NordicBet which is an online gambling site. NordicBet has announced that it will now have Evolution Gaming as its main provider of live casino services. NordicBet already runs three main sites NordicBet, TrioBet and finally Maxino Brands. These three other sites are brands in their own right and have their own specialist services.

Evolution Gaming Features

Evolution Gaming’s normal games will feature on the site including their live roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables. These games will all feature as part of the new service for With Evolution Gaming’s enhanced mobile offerings, NordicBet Gaming Group are said to be looking to roll this out in the coming months. Mobile gaming is huge and can make businesses a lot of money especially if they are offering the customer a reason to play on one a few of their games on their mobile or tablet. A lot of businesses have specialist promotions just for folks who particularly like to play on their mobile or tablet. It has also been confirmed that Evolution Gaming will take over’s live casino and will become the main provider.

About Evolution Gaming

Nordicbet’s casino manager, Simon Hogberg explained how Evolution Gaming’s style, quality and variety of live tables and associated services available, is the reason why NordicBet chose Evolution Gaming to partner with. Evolution Gaming is obviously a major player in the online gaming community. As Evolution gaming is the world leading Live Casino provider, they are the best in the business. He later went on to explain how this would now give NordicBet a larger platform to truly deliver a world class live table gaming experience to players in all markets.


Nordicbets launching with Evolution Gaming will only enhance the businesses services and business to increase player’s numbers offering their customer a world class service like no other. As these are two major companies will come together and offer great service to consumers. As NordicBets parent group Betsson has achieved with Evolution Gaming’s live casino gaming. This will no doubt be the driving reason to NordicBets decision to partner with Evolution Gaming as their parent company has had success with them.