Playtika Slotomania

Playtika Slotomania is a zippy collection of online slot machines that are delivered in a social networking context. This way, the game recaptures all the fun of being with friends (the way it used to be in land-based casinos). But the advantages of Slotomania’s online format are many!

To get across the social slots experience very quickly for you, first, let’s say you are playing one of these slots inside Facebook, while logged in and bantering with your online friends. See more slots in this review

Next, imagine a slot machine in which the reels’ symbols are the faces of those very friends! You don’t have to dream, because this game exists. If you’re like us, you would want to try Slotomania online for this one title alone, called Reel Friends.

N0w that you have a sense of the added ‘social’ dimension, let’s take a look at the various things to know about Slotomania.

55 Games, Right Now

The main selling point with Slotomania is that it’s always getting updated. This is one of the main draws, because players enjoy that fresh selection. In addition to around fifty slots that are always changing, your experience inside Slotomania is not a straight line.

Just like unscripted social situations, the slot portfolio you play inside Slotomania responds to the amount that you play. New games or levels are unlocked as you go.


A couple things to note about Playtika’s games:

    • Slotomania is free

    • The slots only simulate gambling

    • These are ‘for fun’ only (no cash)

    • Even so, Slotomania is for players 21+

  • These games are addictive!

We suppose that Playtika has pushed online slots as far as they can go, up to the point of being real for-money games. We must point out that even though the graphics depict cartoon women they are rather racy images. That’s probably part of why Slotomania is for adults only.  

Financial Side

Hey, Slotomania is free to download (on any device) or to play within Facebook, Google+ and regional networks such as in Japan. But what will you play with?

A certain amount of introductory coins will come your way, obviously. There are a number of ways to build your virtual bankroll:

    • Receive daily bonuses

    • Win Playtika contests

    • Receive coins as gifts from friends

    • Hit jackpots, of course

    • Tournament wins

  • Buy extra coins

So, since you can buy coins in various packs (inexpensively), there is a tiny financial aspect to Slotomania. But you won’t lose the farm, unless your luck is abominable and you have no friends! 

Lastly, there are lots of little surprises in store at Slotomania. For example, the games are optimised for iPhone and iPad HD! The hallmark of Playtika slots is their utter ease to play. Learn how to get more free bingo bonuses, read this

As we mentioned above, there are ways that the social scene with Slotomania is enhanced, such as live tournaments (look for Tournamania). Once you start adjusting to the social slot experience, we think you’re probably not going to be able to go back to slots the way they were before.