Reel Monster Slot

Would you run a mile if you saw a real monster? We bet you would, but make sure you hang around for the ‘real’ Reel Monster slot game. There might be some creepy characters here, but they could win you some prizes after all…

Where can you try out the Reel Monster slot game?

Dr Slot

Is this the best way to play slots on your mobile? We think so, thanks to the easy access they give you to all kinds of great slot games. This is one of many slots you can try when you’ve got a spare moment.

Rules to be aware of

Here are the basics of this game. Be sure you understand how it all works before you play:

  • Five reels
  • 15 paylines, numbered at the sides of the outer reels
  • You must play at least 2p per line on each spin
  • You can choose to play fewer lines if you wish
  • £20 per line is the maximum bet

The game controls are easy to understand and are situated below the game. Click spin to do just that, so you can see whether your luck is in!

Game strategy, tips, and hints

There isn’t much wiggle room for a strategy here. However, we’d suggest you cover all 15 lines to maximise your odds of winning a prize on each spin. There’s nothing worse than seeing a winning combination appear on a line you didn’t bet on…

At just 2p per line, you can wager 30p on a spin of this game. It does provide several bonus possibilities, as you will see below, so there is a lot to play for aside from regular prizes.

Top tip: Click on the paytable to learn more before you play

This is always a great idea, no matter where you play your favourite slots. It reveals just what you can win and how to achieve it.

Are there special elements in Reel Monster slots?

You’ll want to be alert for some special symbols when you try this game. We’ve highlighted these here, so you know what to expect.


  • This is shown as a bat, coloured in purple and red
  • It has sharp teeth… and is also helpfully labelled ‘wild’
  • It replaces most symbols but not the Swamp Thang or the free spins symbol

Swamp Thang

This is the first of two bonus games you could access while playing Reel Monsters:

  • Find two or more Swamp Thang monsters to trigger the mini-game
  • Swamp Thang looks like a mucky tree stump
  • Help the red monster find its way successfully through the swamp
  • Avoid the Swamp Thang, otherwise it’s game over!
  • Find the Swamp Thang and the red monster is gobbled up (ew!)

Monster Munch

  • Find two or more Monster Munch icons in a spin
  • Enter the eatery owned by Sue Sheff (think about it…)
  • Click on spin and feed the hungry monster
  • See what you might win!

Free spins

  • Look for the pinkish round monster with a white swirl on it
  • It is labelled as the free spins icon
  • Three of these trigger five free games
  • Four will award you seven free games
  • Five will secure nine free games

Does it boast a great design?

The design is quite simple, taking on a cartoon element. Even though there are standard K, Q, and A symbols here, they’ve all been given a cool monster makeover. Don’t look too closely though – we spotted teeth wherever we looked!

If monster-themed slots are your thing, we think you will love the treats in store for you in the Reel Monsters slots today. Those monsters might be more helpful than you’d think.