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  • 15
  • Intouch Gaming
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Western slots are popular options in the mobile casino market, with players continuing to express a desire to live out their wildest fantasies in these games. In this Reel Totem online slot review, you will learn another about another worthy addition to the already impressive selection of western slots that exist.

Play Reel Totem at Mr Spin

At this point, you have to be aware that Mr Spin Casino is the only place where you can play Reel Totem slots. Intouch Games provides Mr Spin with its own selection of exclusive games, but you can play Reel Totem and more by signing up for 80 free spins. If everything goes well then you can claim £100 extra with the 100% welcome bonus.

Game Design

From the outset, you will encounter high-end production values when you start to play the Reel Totem slot. Everything that you see on the screen has been designed with pinpoint precision, from the symbols on the reels to the characters at either side of the screen.

In terms of technical performance, Reel Totem has also been impressively designed. Intouch has chosen to use the standard setup of five reels, allowing for up to 15 paylines to be utilised by players. And those can even be adjusted from one active level all the way up to 15.

Reel Totem Slots

Wagering Rules

By having adjustable paylines, Reel Totem allows for players to wager on their terms. For example, it is possible to set the £0.02 minimum line bet and just one payline. However, it will only cost £0.30 if there is a £0.02 line bet and all 15 paylines have been activated. But then you can go much higher if you have a suitable budget for making bigger wagers.

Winning Potential

Reel Totem has been loaded with so many chances to win, but the progressive jackpot is easily the crowning glory of the slot. To win the lot, you will have to keep going until you watch five progressive jackpot symbols on the same payline.

The progressive jackpot is extremely difficult to unlock, so it’s great to have other chances to win. One great example is the wigwam symbol that will unlock a 500x multiplier with a match of five, while the skull symbol offers the potential to release 300x.

Bonus Features

Intouch has also done a great job of ensuring that the wild symbols feel relevant. For starters, you will receive a vast 2,000x multiplier by matching five wilds along a payline, while they can also be used as substitution aids. In addition, there is a special 300x reward if wild and progressive jackpot symbols fill an entire payline.

The bonus features get even stronger with the free spin symbols. These can appear together and trigger five free spins with three symbols, seven spins with four symbols, or nine spins with five symbols.

The bonus features are nicely capped off with the Totally Totem mini game. Two or more of the Totally Totem symbols will give you access to a bonus round that is loaded with multipliers that could climb all the way up to.

Strategy and Tips

You can’t really go wrong if you play Reel Totem with lower stakes. By adopting this strategy you can increase your potential to win because you are going to have more spins. It doesn’t make sense to blaze out early when you should stick around for the incredible free spins and mini game.


Slot games are always heralded if they can offer a progressive jackpot along with many special features, but the likes of Reel Totem can create a deeper connection when they integrate striking imagery.