Strangest Injuries Caused by Mobile Phones

Texting and walking simply do not mix well for anybody. Well, except for those of us who laugh at videos featuring the greatest fails (take this video, for instance). Rapid development in technology has made smartphones an integral part of our lives, but unfortunately many people just cannot leave their iPhone or Android alone. Here are some of the strangest stories of mobile phone injuries.

Most Dangerous UK Street for Texting

A study conducted by 118118 has revealed the one in 10 UK residents has suffered a bruise or even a fracture from walking while texting on their smartphone. To help enhance high-street safety for smartphone users unwilling to refrain from texting and walking, 118118 has gone so far as to pilot an initiative to add protective padding to lampposts.

118118 was also able to reveal that Brick Lane in London is the most dangerous in the UK for walking and texting. In fact, 118118 decided to make Brick Lane the UK’s first-ever Safe Text Street. Nationwide streets could soon be a part of the scheme if 118118 decides to take things further.

Smartphone Users at Risk of Gorilla Attack

118118 is not the first organisation to identify the risk of walking while texting. The esteemed National Geographic is acutely aware of the situation. After witnessing clueless smartphone users strolling aimlessly along the streets of major US cities, it was time to investigate further.

National Geographic unleashed a gorilla (okay, a man in a gorilla suit) on to the street to see if smartphone users would be able to notice. Well, those who texted just walked by and were entirely unaware until asked afterwards. National Geographic revealed that people walking and texting have a tenth of the peripheral vision that they would normally possess.

Young Aussies Have Same Neck Pain as Grandparents

Most young people are supposed to be at the peak of their physical powers, resilient to illness and free from chronic pains. However, the young people of Australia are now so dependent on their smartphones and tablets that millions have contracted chronic neck pain that would be more likely to occur in their granny or granddad.

The New Daily revealed that the average techy from Australia spends fours a day using a smartphone or tablet (perhaps playing mobile casino games?). As a result, they are inflicting significant damage upon their own necks and shoulders.

For treatment to counter these chronic pains, Oz techy users should spend some quality time at physiotherapy with their grandparents. Maybe they would also enjoy some steamed prunes.

Paying Bills While Driving

Deborah Matis-Engle is responsible for the freakiest accident to feature here. In 2007, the 49-year-old was attempting to pay bills on her cell-phone while driving. Of course, any sane person would tell you that this just cannot be possible, but it seems that Matis-Engle thought better of rational logic.

Matis-Engle carelessly slammed into an entire row of parked cars. She was sentenced to six years in prison for causing one of the cars to explode, killing the woman inside. Texting while driving is never okay and you will likely get caught.

US Cheerleaders Killed by Texting

Even stranger than the above stories is the alarming news that texting resulted in the death of four US cheerleaders and their friend. Back in 2007, Bailey Goodman was driving her four friends to a trip at a lakeside cottage. But what supposed to be fun getaway turned to tragedy for the families involved.

Just 30 minutes outside of their New Jersey hometown, Bailey Goodman crashed her SUV head on into a tractor coming from the opposite direction. After graduating from high school only five days before, all five of the girls were dead.

A fiery explosion was the result of crash caused by texting while driving. The subsequent police investigation revealed that Bailey Goodman had been texting while on the road. The clear advice here is to never ever text while driving.