Strike it Rich at Mobile Casinos

With people playing more slots and games online and on mobile/tablets. This is becoming a huge trend as people can play these types of games on the go or on their way to work. Most people are finding mobile games more accessible in everyday life.

Accessibility of Mobile Slots

With more and more players playing on their new gadgets, it’s becoming easier for players to just sign up and start playing slots, bingo or casino games when and where they want. As online and mobile slots are unpredictable, this can sometimes be rewarding as one lucky player soon found out.

A player recently won a multimillion jackpot on the digital gaming reels. The player who is from the Netherlands, remains anonymous, was playing the Major Millions slots on an iPhone and within a few minutes managed to win this huge jackpot. The jackpot was over $1 million, and the player certainly would have got a big shock at winning this type of money on a mobile slots game.

Biggest Mobile Slots Win?

This slots win is reported to be one of the biggest mobile slots wins in history. Not only that, but the game was actually won by the player using free money. The lucky player had been credited with a $50 Birthday voucher from the casino account manager. The player then used this money to place on slots games and happened to strike it lucky with Major Millions as luckily they won a Million.

The winner happened to be playing on their iPhone when they won this money. When the winner realised they had won this cash, they were of course over the moon to have won the best birthday present anybody could get.

The player later commented that they couldn’t believe their luck as they were playing with free money and had nothing to lose. The player later stated how the game started flashing up and bells started ringing and that they were couldn’t believe it, they were ecstatic.

major millions

There have been reported larger jackpots that have been won, including a jackpot on record of $4 million on the Mega Moolah slots game inside Spin Palace casino. This $4 million was won from a loyal player from Germany.

The largest slots jackpot won by someone playing at an online casino was worth an approximately $22 million. This may not be the largest as the biggest jackpot won is on an affiliate casino in Las Vegas.