Super Fruit Bandit Slot

Sometimes, there is nothing better than playing an original one-armed bandit-style slot game. The Super Fruit Bandit slot isn’t quite a classic in that style, but that’s no bad thing. Think of it instead as a modern version of one of those popular machines.

Where can you play the Super Fruit Bandit slot?

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Rules to be aware of

Assuming this is your first time looking at the Super Fruit Bandit slot, here is what you can expect from the basics of the game:

  • Five reels
  • Nine paylines
  • Wager as little as 2p on each of the lines
  • Top line bet maxes out at £20 a go
  • You’re able to deselect lines to play fewer than nine per spin if you wish

Our tip: Click on the ‘i’

Why click on the ‘i’, you might ask? It takes you to the paytable, and this is where the info about the game is revealed. Check that before playing and you’ll be good to go.

Choosing a strategy – top tips for play

This game may have adjustable paylines, but it makes sense to bet on them all. Here’s why:

  1. Betting on fewer lines means the triggers for the bonuses could land on an unpaid line
  2. That means the bonus wouldn’t be triggered, even though you have the right symbols on the screen
  3. Choose the cheapest bet per line and play all the lines

Special features to look for in Super Fruit Bandit Slots

Even though this looks much like a regular one-armed bandit, with lots of fruits involved, there is a little more to it than that. There are three special symbols to look for here.


  • Look for the red wild icon
  • It can replace other symbols except for the free spins and mini-game icons

Fruit Loop mini game

  • Find two mini-game symbols to trigger this bonus
  • The symbols must both be on the same payline
  • The payline must be active (i.e. you have placed a bet on it) for the symbols to unlock the bonus
  • You’ll see a wheel with an inner series of numbers from one to six (each number appears twice)
  • The wheel also has an outer selection of options
  • The outer section features multipliers and collect messages
  • The wheel spins and reveals an inner number
  • You then move the required number of spaces around the outer wheel
  • All the multipliers you collect will boost your final prize

Bonus free spins

  • The free spins symbols will trigger this
  • Three symbols award five free games
  • Four symbols give you seven free games
  • Five symbols give you nine free games
  • The symbols must all appear on the same paid line to count

Top tip: Watch out for the jackpot symbol!

It says jackpot on it and it looks like a diamond. You’ll need to find five on an active line to secure the progressive jackpot waiting to be won in this game.

What is the design like?

This whole game has a ‘blocky’ look to it we rather like. Once you see how it looks, you’ll understand what we mean. We think the creators have reverted to a classic look here to go with the idea of a fruit slot.

The Super Fruit Bandit slot is indeed a fruity game with more depth than you might think. The basic style suits the game well, and we think you will appreciate that when you take it for a spin.