UK Average National Weekly Gambling Spend increases

UK Office for National Statistics Research

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that this year in most parts of the country most peoples spending on gambling has increased once again. This has been rising steadily in the past few years and the ONS has seen this increase. This research has only been conducted in British homes to find out if the British people are spending more money on non-essentials.

The gambling industry has seen a rise in the amount of mobile casinos, online games, and gambling sites in the past few years with more so than ever before people gambling and spending more. In the family spending report, the ONS commented that an average of 3.20 was spent on gambling each week in 2012. The ONS also commented that this figure was actual increase on the amount spent on the year before by 50p.

Research & Figures

These figures prove that this type of gambling, money is spent on more of this than people spend on going to the cinema, concerts, theme parks, museums and theatre combined. A lot of people now don’t go out for dinner or spend money on activities since people don’t have as much money coming in than they may be used to have.


Areas in UK losing money to Gambling

The report also revealed that there are areas in the UK that lost money on Gambling except the likes of the North West of England, where each household won an average of £4 a week with the outlay £3.50. So other areas of the UK all lost money to gambling but the North West actually won some money. This was reported by the ONS to be because this certain area of the UK had quite a few large winners which bumped up their average overall spend and winnings.

Northern Ireland lost the most money gambling overall with households having paid on average around £4.10 a week to win an average of just £1.50. Which is a great loss of money for those who gamble in Northern Ireland.

ONS did a survey and found that the most of household’s money went into housing, fuel, power, recreation and culture. This is where most people need to spend a lot of money especially with household’s bills and energy suppliers increasing their prices.

With the research that ONS has done and the information found it appears that more people are gambling maybe this is due to the increase in social media and the many different ways and methods to gamble.