UKGC Unveils 2018-2019 Business Plan

At the start of May, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) publicised its business plan for the forthcoming fiscal year of 2018-19. As explained by UKGC, that plan was to be the first of three annual plans that have been scheduled for the coming years.

Breaking Down the Plan

The UKGC plan is filled with in-depth information, but Casino Juggler is here to streamline all of the relevant points for you. As you can see, there are several notable changes that will alter the UKGC code of conduct as the first of the plans is implemented for 2018-19:

  • Advertising rules: Moving forward, the UKGC will keep a close eye on gambling adverts, so as to ensure players and children have adequate protections.
  • Research efforts: The UKGC is set to back research into the impact of marketing efforts on problem gamblers and children.
  • Terms and practices: The gambling authority will scrutinise terms and practices from the perspective of maximising fairness for players.
  • Customer protection: UKGC intends to enhance levels of customer protection by altering the verification process, interactions, and fairness.
  • Dispute resolution: Players will be pleased to learn that the plan will aim to roll out additional requirements that will be imposed on alternative dispute resolvers.
  • Local gambling standards: From a national standpoint, the UKGC wants to improve gambling standards all through the country’s local areas.
  • Assessment of harm and crime: The authority wants to understand the role of gambling in causing harm and being associated with criminal activities.
  • Money laundering: A task force will be created for the specific purpose of thwarting illicit money laundering enterprises that are related to gambling.
  • Lottery funding: The UKGC will also shine a light on local lotteries, so as to ensure that funding is optimally dispersed to charitable causes.
  • National Lottery Good Cause Returns: This is a pioneering model that will aim to raise the level of good cause returns generated by Camelot.
  • Gambling licences: Moving forward, it will also be an aim to make sure that the UKGC licensing process becomes both more efficient and transparent.

Expected Outcomes

The 2018-19 UKGC plan is certainly ambitious, but it remains to be seen as to whether or not the majority of aims can be successfully implemented. Naturally, plans of this scale take time to implement. However, that does not have to stop us all from speculating as to what the plan will mean for players and the wider industry.

Player Impact

As a player, you should always appreciate it when the UKGC announces sweeping plans that are designed to give you greater protections. All too often, it happens that businesses drive an industry and exploit loopholes and advantages until a government body steps in to put an end to such a scenario.


Although online casinos are filled with entertaining games and promotions, there is ultimately a risk for players who struggle to control their online gambling. Therefore, it is imperative that bodies such as the UKGC are present to ensure that gambling operators are not taking advantage through their marketing.


Within reason, UK casino sites are permitted to advertise on TV. Quite often, the adverts are colourful in nature and showcase fun slot games that can unintentionally appeal to young people. As such, the adverts have to be closely controlled. Of course, this is a step that must also be taken in order to protect problem gamblers.


You should also look forward to having access to better avenues of complaining to casino operators. The UKGC has already taken steps to streamline the complaint process, but the body will also ensure third-party resolution companies have to adhere to industry standards.

Industry Impact

On the other side, the business plan will also have a profound impact on the industry. Previously, UK gambling operators have been required to acquire UKGC licences and also implement point of consumption tax (POCT), as part of an all-round revamp of the industry structure to prevent undesirable operators from existing in the marketplace.

Market Departures

The UK marketplace is one of the stricter in the world, given the amount of legislation and standards that operators must adhere to. Many operators left the industry once UKGC licences were required, and a second wave departed when POCT was implemented. Any further changes could encourage others to leave the UK market.

Costly Changes

Time, money, and resources are all required when gambling operators are required to implement changes in line with industry legislation. As a result, it could be costly for operators to make the necessary changes.

Better Reputations

Operators that remain in the marketplace could enhance their reputations, based on the fact that they would be adhering to the player-friendly measures put forth by UKGC. As such, this could promote greater player loyalty.

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