Vera & John introduce Bitcoin

Gaming operator Vera & John has become the first online gaming/casino website to accept Bitcoin as part of the gaming on site. Bitcoin will now be recognised on the site as money, Bitcoin can now be used to wager on the various and vast amount of casino games on Vera & Johns Casino. Bitcoin has long become a craze online and is known worldwide as virtual money. Its popularity and media coverage surrounding it has just increased in recent years.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is virtual money, a digital currency that was created in 2008 under someone using a pseudonym. Bitcoins allows users to deposit and withdraw money without the middleman i.e. a bank and their fees. Bitcoin works between the users themselves, transactions are done wholly by the user to make sure it works successfully. In recent year’s Bitcoin has seen its shares rise to significant amounts. This is why Bitcoin has so much exposure in the past few years. Share prices have upped throughout the years. At one point the value of $17.80 of Bitcoins in 2009, is now worth up to $600,000.

Why has Bitcoin been introduced on Vera & John online Casino

Vera & John have introduced Bitcoin to their casino site as it has become so popular in the past few years. It has also increased in popularity and been in the news significantly, thanks to the share prices rising more than ever thought. The awareness of Bitcoin has increased making it more popular and understood as a currency. Bitcoin is also the first of its kind, so it is rare. This may be why it is so popular.

Vera & John have explained that one of their key values is innovation; this is why they wanted to be the first online regulator of Bitcoin. In recent months, a great amount of online companies have announced that they too, will be accepting Bitcoin in the near future. With roughly 12.28 million Bitcoins in the market and in the stock market. In the past year alone the price of Bitcoin has rocketed, and may well just continue.


Vera & John’s online casino accepting this type of virtual money will make it a success, which it no doubt should be. Most online casinos will follow suit. Vera & John is the first regulated and licensed online and mobile casino to accept Bitcoin.