Blackjack for Mobile

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Online blackjack remains a major draw with casino sites, and even more so now that you can access mobile versions of the game in remarkable clarity on your smartphone or tablet. But, while blackjack is an extremely engaging game, you have to be familiar with the basics or else you are not going to win as often as you could.

The Rules of Blackjack

While it is possible to play online blackjack with only a single deck, it is much more common to encounter games that use up to eight decks. To start the game, you place a stake to play a hand. After taking this step, the dealer will give you two cards. Numbers equal their value, face cards are worth 10, and aces can be either one or 11.

In playing blackjack, the ultimate goal is to finish with a higher hand than the dealer without going higher than 21 and being declared bust. This is the fundamental purpose of the game, as opposed to trying to hit 21. By trying to hit 21, you are at risk of hitting when you should not, which can result in you losing hands where you could have won by playing more conservatively.

Once you have received your two cards, you will have the option to keep hitting until you go above 21 or declare that you wish to stand on what you have. Alternatively, though, you could double your bet and receive only one card. And another outcome is to split a pair so that you are playing with two hands.

Helpful Blackjack Tips

Considering that hundreds of cards are used in a virtual blackjack deck, the sheer volume of potential outcomes is enormous. As a casual blackjack player, this makes it almost impossible to calculate all of the various odds in real-time. Thankfully, though, you have an extremely simple way of playing blackjack consistently well.

Basically, what you need to do is hit until you hit 16. Do not go thinking that you can ride your luck and get the exact cards you need. By the time you reach 16, only a five or lower will help you out. And, at this point, the dealer has yet to finish their hand. There are plenty of occasions when you can win on 16 by not being aggressive, and this is because the dealer is compelled to hit until 16.

Next in these online blackjack tips is to not outstay your welcome. Quite simply, this is to say that you should leave the table after a run of victories. Blackjack is a game where you bet like for like with the dealer. You do not get the potentially enormous payouts of roulette. As a result, you should always take your winnings after winning a number of hands. You will not keep winning and things will level out.

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How Blackjack Games Can Differ

Playing online blackjack free with social casino apps does have a time and place, but the fact of the matter is that the gaming experience is so much better at online casinos. For instance, 21 Prive Casino is a site with close to 20 different blackjack games. Alongside the standard version, it is also possible to play low stakes, high stakes, single deck, pro, multi-hand, live dealer, or pontoon.

For the most part, the fundamental game of blackjack remains constant in that you try to beat the dealer without going above 21. The biggest differences lie with the subtle changes like the size of the stakes that are played with. This allows for you to play a version of blackjack that best suits your budget.

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