Slot Races

Video slots are fun on their own, but there are casinos where you can also compete in races for the chance to finish high in the rankings and claim prizes. Here, you can find out about some of the best slot races in the business.

888 Slot Races

888 Casino hosts a series of events entitled Slot Races. By definition, these are rapidly played casino tournaments where players are asked to earn more points than their competitors. This must be done inside of a set time limit, so speed will most certainly be of the essence.

How to Compete

Enter these slots races is a simple act of registering free of charge through the 888 Casino lobby. After signing up, it is time that you know how to play slot races:

  • Betting requirement: Each of the slot races 888 will have a minimum betting requirement that has to be met for earning points.
  • Active timeframe: You can only earn racing points by wagering during the active timeframe of the current event.
  • Spinning thresholds: You can only earn racing points by spinning up to the maximum value that has been defined by 888.

Prizes to Win

The prizes range from free-play and free spins to bonuses and cash, but you need to start earning points if you are going to stand a chance:

  • WIN – Win five times your bet: Five points
  • JUMBO WIN – Win five to 15 times your bet: 50 points
  • DOUBLE JUMBO – Secure two Jumbo wins: 100 points
  • MONSTER WIN – Win more than 15 times your bet: 500 points
  • SUPER BOOSTER – Unlock one of the special features: 500 points

Racing Tips

Look to the points list and see which outcomes are the most likely. Winning five times your bet is one option, but it’s actually quite common to trigger free spins and bonus rounds. Look for slots with numerous special features to increase you earning potential.

Unibet Weekly Slot Races

Unibet Casino is another place for you to get involved with slot races. These are hosted at different times throughout the year, so be sure to watch out for any upcoming events in the Unibet Casino promotional schedule.

How to Compete

At Unibet Casino, the system dictates that you wager £0.25 or more on each individual spin on slot games. Each multiple of £0.25 will trigger the awarding of one point. This process is completed over and over again, with players earning hundreds or thousands of points. The rationale is simple: the highest earners will be highest on the leaderboard.

Prizes to Win

In most Unibet slot races, players will receive prizes for finishing in the top 200 positions. The thresholds vary, but the largest cash prizes are usually held for the top 10 finishers. In the past, the grand winner has received a colossal £1,000.

Racing Tips

You should stick to increments of £0.25 because you will have a clearer perception of the points that you are earning in what is certain to be a competitive battle.

These are just some of the top slot races out there – tell us about your favourites.