Roulette for Mobile

In meeting your mobile roulette needs, this guide will start by recommending the top sites that can offer real money mobile roulette. Each mobile roulette casino in the list has been chosen for the generosity of its bonuses and the elite quality of its gaming.

Top Mobile Casinos for Playing Real Money Roulette

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These days, the bar is set high with mobile live roulette. Just like the exclusive private rooms in casinos where roulette battles are waged, you can find this game in unlikely or out-of-the-way places online. But you will want to stick to the top software companies for the best safety, bonuses, customer support, and game quality.

We are sharing our favourite mobile casinos where we have found it both fun and safe to play all types of the grand wheel, from American to European roulette – plus many exciting variations like multi-wheel or sped-up games.

Best Real Money iPhone and Android Apps

Apple iOS and Android are the two leading mobile operating systems on the face of the planet. Considering the huge popularity of those systems, it makes complete sense that online roulette casinos have focused on developing their sites and apps for those systems.

iPhone Roulette

A trend has emerged where browser-based sites are now more common than native apps. Previously, web apps were not quite as effective because the internet was not advanced enough back then, but now a single web app can be created for multiple mobile operating systems.

This being said, there are some industry leaders that still make native apps for iPhone, and these have an advantage if they focus on speed, with downloadable apps capable of immense processing times.

Android Roulette

The game-changing relaxation of rules on Google Play means that real money apps offering Android roulette are now being accepted. Android casinos used to solely exist as browser-based sites, but this has since changed.

Web-based casino sites are simpler and can do away with the need to install casino software, but the installation of a native Android app can offer quicker improvement once it has been set up.

Top Roulette Variations

Online roulette can be played in a number of variants offering different rules and features. For the moment, these are the top roulette games for you to understand.

European Roulette

European roulette is one of the oldest variations, having first emerged a couple of hundred years ago. The wheel features pockets numbered from one to 36 along with a single zero. Each of those 37 numbers is displayed on a betting table, with players able to bet on individual outcomes or else combine a series for differing odds.

American Roulette

After travelling across the Atlantic Ocean, American roulette emerged as an alternative option to the European version. There are still one to 36 numbers, but American roulette also has a zero and a double-zero. However, this raises the house edge to 5.26% in favour of the dealer, whereas single-zero wheels offer 2.70%.

3D Roulette

There are many different 3D roulette games to be played in the marketplace. These games can differ in terms of their exact rules, as the 3D tag is instead used to convey that these roulette variants exhibit a higher standard of visual quality.

Live Roulette

Live roulette can be played across European, French, or US rules and permit players to wager at an array of different monetary thresholds. In this case, the live aspect of the name indicates that these games are played with human dealers and broadcast in HD video. Players can track stats and the font on the playing cards has been increased.

Leading Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a random game where your decisions will have no bearing on the action, whereas in card games they will. Nevertheless, some players believe that roulette strategies give them and edge or, at the very least, provide a betting structure.


Martingale is a recovery strategy that is designed to help you recover all of your losses in the midst of a bad streak. Quite simply, what you do is double bet after every loss until you win. However, you must only stick to 50:50 bets or else the system will not work.

Reverse Martingale

This strategy goes in the opposite direction to the Martingale by seeing players increase the size of their bets after victories, while decreases are imposed after losses. Stick to 50:50 bets and then double the size of your bets and hope to seize upon a streak of fortunate results.


The D’Alembert system is less dramatic than Martingale or Reverse Martingale. In this case, you bet on 50:50 outcomes and increase your wager by one unit with every loss. Whenever you win, the idea is to increase the wager by one unit each time. The logic is that players will attempt to balance out their long-term results.


The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical system of adding the previous two digits together. This would result in a series of bets like so: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. The case for betting using the Fibonacci sequence is that you can lose more bets than you win and still make a profit, but you could go bust if your bankroll dried up.

James Bond

James Bond author Ian Fleming had a system of betting £200 on a single spin of the roulette wheel. This would entail staking £140 on 19 to 36, £50 on 13-18, and £10 on zero, which acts as insurance. So long as the result isn’t one to 12, you win £80 profit on 19 to 36, £100 profit on 13 to 18, and £160 profit on zero.

Busting the Myth of Roulette Strategies

Nowadays, roulette wheels are physically crafted and tested to deliver equal outcomes, while random number generators and software ensure the same for online roulette games. However, these facts do not stopping some players from swearing by roulette strategies.

Strategies Cannot Affect the Wheel

Using a roulette strategy does not change the outcome happening with the wheel. Just because you have decided to switch from Martingale to Reverse Martingale, this does not mean that you are in a stronger position to win. What you must remember is the 5.26% house edge for US roulette and 2.70% available on the European version.

A Matter of Preference

In many cases, players are using roulette strategies because they actually like the clarity offered by betting in a clear system. This can offer them a sense of control in their decision-making, while a second appealing aspect can be the outcomes. For example, winning on a Fibonacci sequence will feel amazing if it comes when you badly need a win.

The Odds of Winning Roulette

Roulette odds change depending on which of the betting outcomes that you choose to back. The following percentage odds for winning roulette are based on playing the European version, as the US odds will be slightly worse because of the double-zero:

  • Odd or even (1:1): 48.6%
  • Red or black (1:1): 48.6%
  • 1 to 18 (1:1): 48.6%
  • 19 to 36 (1:1): 48.6%
  • 1 to 12 (2:1): 32.4%
  • 13 to 24 (2:1): 32.4%
  • 25 to 36 (2:1): 32.4%
  • Six numbers (5:1): 16.2%
  • Four numbers (8:1): 10.8%
  • Three numbers (11:1): 8.1%
  • Two numbers (17:1): 5.4%
  • Single number (35:1): 2.7%

Are Roulette Games Rigged?

Going back many decades, there were shady casino operations that might have used magnets and other tricks to scam players. However, there were also players would scam the casinos with various scams of their own. Fortunately, the online gaming world has done away with roulette scams and has implemented the following protective systems:

  • Random number generators (RNGs): These software tools are used to calculate roulette outcomes entirely at random, based on how roulette wheels are intended to function in the real world.
  • Operating licences: A legitimate online casino will have an operating licence for one or multiple jurisdictional bodies. The UK, Malta, and Gibraltar are three of many such bodies, and you can find their seals on casino homepages.
  • Testing agencies: Online casinos verify their software by employing the services of independent testing agencies like eCOGRA. You can look for details on the homepages of casinos or else contact them personally for information.
  • Encryption technology: Casinos use secure sockets layer (SSL) as a means of encrypting financial transactions and information to prevent outside parties from impacting the experience.

Best Mobile Roulette Games for Fun

Real money roulette sites are often designed to give you practice modes or demo versions. The aim of these tools is to give you the chance to experience how the betting table works – or even just to relax with. This section will suggest some of the best roulette games to play for fun.

Free Roulette App

Roulette Royale is a free app that is downloadable from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). Players get to compete on international leaderboards while playing online roulette free and developing their understanding of how the game works and getting to see the various odds and outcomes in action.

Russian Roulette

The Deer Hunter is arguably the most famous film for depicting Russian roulette in action, but please be aware that this should never be attempted because that film is a fictional story.

However, it does seem to have inspired the development of a Russian roulette app that is not played with an actual firearm. This is called iRevolver, but please be wary of YouTube videos that insert surprising special effects into the gameplay, such as this one.

Max Roulette

Max Roulette is available on Android and can be played by users aged three and up. This app does use roulette principles, but is actually designed to help users get better at making choices after being inspired by people finding it tough to make decisions. [Download here]

Chat Roulette

Also known as Chat Alternative, Chat Roulette can be downloaded via Google Play for Android devices. The app’s purpose is to connect users with people from all over the world. The roulette aspect of the name refers to how the app randomly connects users and gives them the chance to spin on to speak to another person somewhere else in the world.

New Developments in the Roulette World

So what new features and fun can we expect from roulette as time goes on? Within the actual game itself, we’ll see many elements remaining the same but some other ones changing, this includes:

  • New themes: Themed roulette games are all the rage at the moment, like Deal or No Deal Roulette. With small changes to the look and the addition of a bonus round, these new roulette games can really change what we expect from the game.
  • Crossover games: The combining of elements of roulette with slots and instant wins is also on the rise. They may use a roulette wheel to determine the outcome, but have a smaller or different format, with mini roulette is a good example.
  • Back to basics: While some games are becoming more complex, other developers are taking us back to roulette basics. La Partage Roulette is a great game that highlights this trend, as it’s been around for years, but it’s only just being focused on with online companies.
  • New ways to win: With new ways to win, you can successfully try out new strategies. The new strategies that we’re seeing more often don’t rely on out-dated modes like table bias or dealer bias, as these simply aren’t effective in the online world. Instead, we’re seeing players taking advantage of betting systems to accumulate cash before spending.
  • In-game reality checks: We’ve all spent hours playing roulette, without even realising how much time we’ve been online for. As part of the larger push for more responsible gambling, there are likely to be more checks from casino sites to tell you what time it is and perhaps even encourage you to take a break. is highly informed in all major areas of casino gaming. For instance, check out this guide on the best mobile slots.