Beginners’ Guide to Horse Race Betting

Horse racing remains one of the most popular forms of betting in the UK. Football might dominate the sporting coverage, but that does not hold back millions of punters from horse racing betting. This guide will help you to get the ideal introduction before placing bets.

Where to Bet Online

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How to Bet on Horse Racing

Having an active account with an online bookmaker is the first step to betting on horse racing. Now that you have completed this step, you can continue the process:

  • Go to the horse racing section. Look down the selection of upcoming races. For example, these will display races from countries like Australia, America, South Africa, or the UK.
  • Click on a race meeting and you will be able to view the entire race card for that day.
  • The horses and jockeys will be clearly displayed for each race, alongside information that includes form, weight, age, and horse racing odds. For reference, odds can displayed either by fraction (5/1) or by decimal (6.00).
  • After deciding upon a horse, simply click or tap on them and they will be added to your betting slip.
  • Look to the side of the screen for your betting slip. This will display the winning and each-way odds. You can then enter your stake and potentially tick the each-way box if you desire. Finally, click to confirm the bet and then wait on the outcome.

The Different Horse Racing Bets

UK horse racing has introduced many different forms of bets to the world. Most of them are not even explained directly, so it can be tough for new punters to understand their options. Well, here is a rundown of all the different options at your disposal…


Backing a horse to win is the simplest of all bets. You are placing your entire stake on one horse and you will only receive winnings if your horse wins. For example, backing Lord Topper with £10 on 2/1 could see you receive £20 profit.


This option is often combined with winning to create an each-way bet. Backing a horse to place is betting on them to finish in an agreed-upon position. As an example, you might receive your stake back plus one third of the potential profit.


This is a North American concept where you back a horse to finish in the top three. In North America, a place bet will only cover the top two and might not even be available at all.

Across the board

Across the board is similar to each-way in that you are covering multiple outcomes, but this bet is another North American concept and differs slightly. Essentially, you are combining three separate bets for a horse to win, place, and show.


Also know as a perfecta, the exacta bet is when you back the first two finishers in the race. You will only win when the runners finish in exact positions, but the reward will be much greater than for a standard winner.


The quinella is the simpler version of the exacta or perfecta. In a quinella bet, you are backing the top two finishers and will win even if they finish in either position.


A trifecta goes beyond the exacta by challenging you to pick the first three finishers and their exact positions. Some bookies will even let you go beyond three finishers to obtain much higher odds.


Superfecta works similarly to the trifecta in that you have to back horses to finish in exact positions. In a superfecta, you will back the top four finishers in the correct order.

How to Pick a Winning Horse

This is easier said than done, much less explained. Punters new and old all want to pick winners – this is the on-going drive behind being a horse racing fan. There are many different methods out there, with some being more effective than others. Here are some of the top recommendations to help you try to pick winning horses:

  • Form: You should absolutely utilise horse racing websites to check out how a horse has been forming. A horse might historically be top performer, but how are they doing this year?
  • Jockey: Some punters swear by a certain jockey, so it’s worth monitoring who deliver the best results. Over the years, Ruby Walsh and Kieren Fallon have ridden plenty of winners.
  • Conditions: Some horses perform better when the going is good, firm, soft, or anywhere in between.
  • Trainers: A deeper tip is to keep an eye on the most talented trainers because they consistently deliver the best horses year after year.

Bonus Tips for Beginners

Finally, there are some vital horse racing tips that will help out beginners while they get to grips with the intricacies of the sport. These are some excellent starting points:

  • Start with small stakes: There might be a temptation to be bold with your first bets, but you should lower the stakes while becoming familiar with betting.
  • Set an overall budget: Assign a starting budget and be sure to monitor your wins and losses along the way. This will minimise the risk losing it all in a couple of bets.
  • Don’t bet on every race: You should bide your time and get used to the process.

Horse racing is arguably the most complex form of betting in the world, which is why it helps to seek out advice. Let this guide be your introduction to horse racing betting.

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