Live Casinos Online

This live casino online guide is going to be suitable whether you are new to the games or else love nothing more than to relax with a gaming session hosted by a human dealer.

Best Live Dealer Casinos

In our experience, there are some live casino UK brands that stand above the rest of the crowd. These casinos are excellent options for both performance and bonuses:

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Live Dealer Games Explained

For an online casino game to be classified as live, it has to be operated in real-world surroundings, with the action then broadcast over the web, where you can take control of your actions. In most cases, live dealer games are hosted by human dealers, but you can encounter mechanised games, such as auto-roulette.

Realistic Surroundings

For the most part, live dealer games are hosted from a broadcasting studio populated by dealers and human croupiers. At other times, you can find that the live games are hosted specially from the surroundings of a real-world casino. The apparatus used is all physical, but control is governed by digital software.

Closer to the Real Thing

Live dealer games depart from standard online table games in that they do not utilise random number generators (RNGs). As such, the experience is much closer to the one that is delivered at land-based casinos. Online casino games attempt to replicate real-world performance, but the live versions come even closer.

Comparing Live Dealers to Regular Casino Games

If you are yet to play table games with live dealers, then you are going to be in for a real treat. Naturally, however, you might have some questions relating to how they compare with regular table games. Here, we shall deliver the fundamental pros and cons to aid your decision-making process.

The Pros

When you go live, there are some very clear pros that you can benefit from. These are some of the most common witnessed by Casino Juggler:

  • Browser-based access: Nowadays, it is easy to find live casino sites that are fully accessible from an HTML5 web browser. As such, you can switch through different live casinos without being asked to install software packages.
  • Live mobile apps: At some high-end sites, you can find that they have designed a dedicated live casino app. The main advantage of downloading the app is that you can enjoy even smoother performance, as the app has been custom-built.
  • Authentic experience: You get to watch all of the action play-out in front of your eyes, as opposed to being governed by RNGs. This can make it easier trust the experience and enjoy the authenticity on show.
  • Fresh takes on table games: Live casinos can use the medium as an opportunity to breathe new life into table games. Common examples include the addition of party elements for thrill-seekers and luxury aspects for VIP users and high rollers.

The Cons

In online casino gaming, you can never escape the cons entirely, but that is only because operators always have room for improvement. We believe that these are some of the cons that could frustrate you from time to time:

  • In-game practise: Unfortunately, you cannot take the time to play in demo mode with live dealers. The service is extremely costly to operate and is dependent on real-money wagers only, given the hours worked by staff.
  • Sped-up gaming: You can take all the time you need when playing standard table games, but the same cannot be said with live dealers, where they will not wait for you to make your betting decisions before the next round commences.
  • Live casino bonuses: We have found that the majority of mainstream welcome bonuses are not compatible with live dealer games. As such, you will have to find specialist live casino bonuses in order to enjoy them with human dealers.
  • Table restrictions: A further restriction is that you can find yourself playing behind other users at the busiest tables. This means that you can only bet on their decisions and will have to wait for them to leave before a space opens up for you.
  • Where you play: You might want to avoid playing around friends, as you can distracted. Similarly, you could be stopped mid-hand if you are playing on public transport and your stop arrives earlier than expected.

How Strategy Differs in Live Gaming

If you are used to playing European roulette, for example, then you are going to be find with the live version. Basically, the rules are not dramatically different unless specified otherwise. But what you must consider in your strategy is that the format of live casinos can change how you play compared to standard table games:

  • Decide on your wagering strategy: Whether you want to double after each loss or else play to only use up a set value, it makes sense to set your wagering strategy in advance and then stick to it.
  • Be ready to play: Blackjack and roulette are filled with different outcomes to consider and time is in much shorter supply in live dealer games. A wagering strategy can give you more time to focus on what is happening during the turn.
  • Avoid distractions: You can play party versions of some live games, so this advice will not always apply. Generally, however, you should ensure you are paying attention or else you will risk missing out on the next round.
  • Live games can be more expensive: Make sure that you can afford to play, as live games do not offer the luxury of being able to play for pennies. They are played with higher stakes, so please bear this in mind.
  • Reality check: Live dealer games can be incredibly immersive and it is easy to start losing track of the time passing. Therefore, you should always select the option of receiving a reality check from the casino when prompted at the start of a session.
  • Web connection: Live casinos are much more technically demanding, which means that you must have a quick and stable web connection. If you lack such a connection, then your game can drop and you might end up losing.

Top Types of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer casino games were quite basic when they first launched. However, some developers are doing very exciting things to make the games more innovative and appealing to players. You can find many of these fun games at online live casinos:


Live blackjack tables can be among the most popular, and it’s little wonder when you get to play some of the top options:

  • Standard blackjack: Don’t expect any surprises when playing standard blackjack, as the rules should be similar to what is used in non-live blackjack.
  • Casual: Look for party versions that allow for lower stakes, play music during sessions, and encourage lots of chat among players.
  • Perfect Pairs: Add an extra stake and you could receive a handsome payout if your first two cards are a perfect match. Winning this side-bet can be tough, though. Please remember that when allocating your bankroll to play.
  • 21 + 3: Here is a side-bet where you combine your two cards with the dealer’s up-card to form a three-card poker hand. Payouts will be awarded for three of a kind, flushes, or straight flushes. You often win 9/1 from a successful 21 + 3 bet.
  • Bet behind: Most commonly, this is when you cannot get a seat at a blackjack table and you choose to bet on the decisions made by a player who does have a seat. This is not an ideal scenario, obviously, but it can help pass the time while you wait.
  • VIP: A live VIP blackjack table shall be the ideal option if you want to raise the stakes. Expect to see more glamorous surroundings and to encounter an even higher level of service when indulging in playing VIP live blackjack games.


The roulette wheel is filled with an array of betting options based on where the ball can fall at the end of a spin. In turn, there are other live roulette variants for you to sample:

  • US: A US roulette table features the double-zero, which means that the house edge can be calculated as 5.22%. This is not as generous as other roulette tables, but the US version is commonly available at live casinos nonetheless.
  • European: For most players, it is preferable to go with European roulette because of the 2.70% house edge. This is due to European roulette tables not having a double-zero to make it harder for you to win.
  • French: You also have the chance to bet on “Voisins du Zero” (the 17 numbers on each side of the wheel), “Tiers du Cyclindre” (the third of the wheel opposite from zero), and “Orphelins” (two sections not covered by Voisins or Tiers).
  • Speed roulette: As the name would suggest, speed roulette is a much quicker variant. In turn, you have less time for decision-making, so it is imperative to always maintain concentration.
  • Auto-roulette: This is a roulette game where the wheel and ball are automatically operated. The design of auto-roulette was driven by a need for live casinos being able to operate at least one game that could be offered outside of staffed hours.
  • Double-ball: Some roulette games offer the quirky feature of tossing in two balls. As you would imagine, this majorly increases the number of possible outcomes.
  • VIP: A VIP live roulette table will be hosted in more luxurious surroundings, and perhaps by an even more experienced croupier. VIP roulette should also give you an array of wagering values that are far above the entry-level options of basic tables.


Poker is another game that translates well for the live casino format. This time, however, you will be playing to beat the dealer:

  • Caribbean stud: The highlight of Caribbean stud poker is that you play against the dealer and also have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot. In the base game, you try to make a five-card hand capable of out-performing the dealer.
  • Texas hold’em: If you know to play Texas hold’em, then you can play the live version. You are still going to make a hand from two hole-cards and five community cards, but now the goal is to beat the dealer’s best creation.
  • Casino hold’em: This is a compressed take on Texas hold’em, with hands completed in shorter timeframes. You get to start with two hole-cards to make a five-card hand with the aid of three community cards.
  • Three-card poker: You receive three cards and can bet on beating the dealer and/or the quality of the hand that you receive. For reference, the dealer does not quality for the hand unless they have a queen or better.


Baccarat might look like a blackjack variants, but it’s played-out differently and also has a number of its very own gaming features:

  • Standard baccarat: After receiving two baccarat cards, you score the hand by adding the numeric values and using only the rightmost digit (e.g. 18 is 8). The challenge is to end up on a natural 8 or 9 in order to win.
  • Side-bet pairs: The beauty of live baccarat is that you can stake on multiple side-bets, such as either pair, player bonus, banker bonus, or Perfect Pairs. In the latter case, a successful bet will receive a 200/1 payout.
  • Speed baccarat: With baccarat, it is also possible to encounter quickened versions that aim to cut down on the waiting times that can arise between hands.

There is a sense of competition found in live dealer casino games that you just do not have at standard tables. Casino Juggler highly recommends that you experience these innovative games at one of our top-rated live casinos online.