Online Sports Betting

There can be a high degree of crossover in online gambling, with many punters enjoying sports betting to complement their casino experience. For this reason, has compiled an informative guide for online sports betting UK.

Where to Bet Online

At this stage, the clear starting point is to highlight some of the strongest online sports betting sites that are currently on the market:

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What Sports Are Legal to Bet on in the UK?

Online sports betting can cover a plethora of possibilities, from familiar options like football and horse racing to American sports and niche competitions. In this section, you will encounter a brief rundown on what to expect from betting on each major sport.


Football receives an astonishing degree of attention that result in more frequent promotions and features being delivered to players. However, some of these are designed to give players lower odds in exchange for protective mechanisms. To offset this possibility, players should look to home/away form and check the current injury lists ahead of big games.

Horse Racing

In UK sports betting, horse racing is arguably the other prime area for punters. Sites are excellent at making races available from all over the world, but sometimes the formatting can be a little inconvenient. Also, it pays off to read the current form from industry sites like the Racing Post. Horses are sensitive creatures and you need to know whether they struggle in one set of conditions compared to another.


Boxing and UFC are the two undisputed leaders for betting on fights. It can be tough to get good odds when backing the favourites, so it helps if you have an idea when your fighter is going to win. In picking the winner, you need to be up-to- date on odds, injuries, and even one-on- one records from past events. You can never have too much information here.

Motor Sports

Sports betting sites will typically cover Formula One, Nascar, superbikes, and supercars. From season to season, the strongest teams can change based on new regulations imposed by the governing bodies. This can shake things up for betting, but you need to be aware in advance of a new season to take advantage during the early stages. For example, is an F1 team like Ferrari ready to rebound?


There is a deep calendar of tennis tournaments taking place all through the year. For fans of the sport, this provides a consistent range of opportunities to for betting on tennis. In tennis, the hardcore fans have an outstanding intuition of how players are feeling. Quite often, this can be leveraged on highly rewarding to back the underdog at impressive odds. However, this is not something that fair weather fans can take advantage of.

American Football

Millions of people watch the Super Bowl every year. In response, UK sports betting sites provide coverage for British fans. UK bookies are not quite so clued in on NFL, so this type of betting can work out well for informed fans. The downside, however, is that each of the 32 NFL teams has a vast amount of news to digest. Other top American sports include baseball, basketball, and ice hockey.


E-Sports are now covered by ESPN, with some team tournaments awarding millions of dollars to the winners. For those who monitor the top E-Sports teams, it can be an effective source of winning bets. But inexperienced gamblers should stay well clear due to their lack of knowledge.

How Do You Check a UK Betting Site is Legit?

A final area to analyse is the legitimacy of the online sportsbook you’re thinking of joining. Until reading this, you might now have given this factor a second thought. However, it’s a vital step for UK sports fans because it can mean the difference being staying in control and getting swindled.

Thankfully, there are some basic and easy-to- follow steps that you can implement when looking for new betting sites, to ensure you’re playing with a credible sportsbook:

  • Look at the web address: The first step is to visit an online sportsbook and then instantly check the web address. You might have to tap or click on the web address, but what you’re looking for is an “https” at the start to show that the site is protected by SSL encryption
  • Check for a green padlock: Alongside the web address, you should also look for the green padlock icon. In unison, this and the SSL encryption are the factors that will guarantee that all of your financial transactions will be protected. You can always use an e-wallet instead of a credit card to stay even safer when depositing.
  • Confirm the gambling licence: After the first two steps, go straight to the bottom of the homepage and start looking through the icons and small print. For British residents, you are looking to see that the site has an operating licence from the UK Gambling Commission. This is the minimum legal requirement for a site to serve UK players. You can even verify the licence number if you wish.
  • Protective measures: Once you have joined a sports betting site, you need to chec your account to see what protective measures are in place. For example, these can include deposit limits for daily, weekly, and monthly activity. In addition, you should also have the choice to self-exclude yourself for a period of time.
  • Gambling support: Legitimate UK sports betting sites should also make players aware of the independent support mechanisms are available. You can check for icons from the likes GambleAware and GamCare. These are typically positioned at the bottom of the homepage.

Sports betting can be fun and profitable if you know how to do it effectively. For this reason, please check back with this guide if you ever need to re-check any information.