Cloud Gaming

Ever heard of cloud gaming? We’ve delved into the world of gaming as it pertains to UK online casinos, to see what it might offer. Could you soon play this way?

What does cloud gaming offer to casino gaming?

Maybe more than you think. We’ve come up with some advantages you might be able to look forward to when looking at this type of casino gaming:

  • It can work with all kinds of gamesslots, roulette, table games
  • It makes it easier to access games from all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones
  • Cloud gaming free options are possible – players can try games without charge or switch to paid play very easily
  • The casino experience is made more immediate – it can feel as if you’re seated in a casino rather than playing on your computer at home

What else might we see coming into play soon?

There are some great ideas that bring us further into the worlds of gaming – or the gaming world closer to us.

VR or virtual reality

Could we soon see entire VR casinos to visit? Virtual reality games give you the chance to step into an environment rather than looking at it on a screen. For example, you can step into the world created in a slot game and play it there.

Example: Blackjack Bailey casino game

Available on Steam, Oculus, and Google Cardboard, you can enjoy single-player blackjack with a single deck and friendly dealer. 

AR or augmented reality

This is an alternative to virtual reality. In AR casinos, the idea would be to add more to your natural vision, rather than replacing it with a virtual world. 

Example: Pokemon GO

Perhaps the best example of an AR game yet, it gives you the chance to search for Pokemon in your real-world environment. Is there one hiding in your kitchen or your garden? Anything is possible.

A cloud-based casino floor

Rather than merely offering cloud-based slots or other games, the entire casino floor could become cloud based. 

Example: You could become the casino 

What does this mean? By playing games, you could earn chips or tokens that bring you extra powers. VIABET was intended to launch and provide players with a chance to become the casino. This would have given players more control over how they play and the odds they might attract.

Why might online casinos move to the cloud?

Cloud gaming on Mac and PC could be the future. We think it might be. Here’s why:

  1. New games would be available via the cloud, no matter what device people access them on – it means developers would no longer need to develop different versions for different platforms
  2. They provide a more powerful immersive experience for gamers – this could draw in more players, a clear win for the casino
  3. In-game deposits – if you need to fund your account, you must currently leave the game to do so. That wouldn’t be the case with cloud gaming, which would instead allow you to deposit while playing the game
  4. Easier access to new games – new releases can be easily added to the system, and are easy for players to see

Cloud vs server-based systems

What are the pros and cons of using cloud gaming over server-based gaming systems?


  • It doesn’t matter what hardware you have – you can access the cloud from any internet-enabled device, even your TV
  • Since your selected game is on the host’s server rather than your computer, you can begin play immediately
  • You’re not restricted to using a specific platform


  • Cloud services need more bandwidth 
  • Cloud-based games can be slower
  • Cloud services require compression for them to work, so they don’t look as sharp

Are you ready for cloud gaming UK?

It’s coming one way or the other. It’s surprising it hasn’t yet made a huge splash, but we feel it is only a matter of time.