New Mobile Casinos 2020

Here we are, ready to enter another year… but what will it bring in the world of mobile casinos? Read our all-encompassing review of what you might see when you consider playing at the best new mobile casinos 2020.

The newest mobile casinos appeal to players because of their ability to combine cutting-edge games with original ideas throughout an entire site. Here are some of the finest prospects you need to consider for the best new mobile casinos 2020:

Luck Stars Casino

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Lucky Admiral Casino

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Bingo Crazy

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Dr. Slot Casino

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Top Dog Slots

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All Star Games

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How to enjoy playing games for free at new online casinos

Did you know you could play free at many online casinos? There are several ways you can do this, depending on how you prefer to play and what your options are. We have highlighted the three most likely methods you are likely to find online today.

No deposit bonuses

The cream of the crop, these are bonuses you can claim that do not require a deposit to be made. Check the Ts and Cs for these though – some bonuses are sticky, which means you cannot withdraw them. Others can be withdrawn… but you should expect big wagering requirements in place for these.

Be aware these bonuses may have other limitations:

  • You may not be able to use them to play slots with progressive jackpots
  • There could be a limit on what you can win, even with no wagering requirements in place
  • You may need to part with your credit card details to even get this type of bonus

Free spins

Many casinos offer these. You might spot them in various guises:

  • Free spins offered when you sign up and make a deposit
  • Free spins to use for a new game release
  • Free spins offered in addition to a deposit bonus

Work out how much each free spin costs prior to playing. While they will not cost you anything, they will be worth a certain amount. If you win, that value will be used to calculate your prize, so it is worth knowing ahead of time.

Free demo versions of games

If you just want to play for entertainment’s sake and you’re not worried about winning real cash, demo versions are for you. These are versions of real games that play the same but do not have real prizes to win. Instead, you will win virtual credits or coins to play with.

Some points to note:

  • Not all games have demo versions available
  • You may need to sign up for a free account to gain access to demo versions of games
  • Demo games play exactly like the real thing but without the prizes, enabling you to figure out how to play them before parting with any real money

How did our picks of the major casino trends in 2019 turn out?

We made some predictions around this time last year. So, how did we do? Did we get any of them right?

Multiplatform casinos

We prefer casinos that have games on offer from several different software providers. This means:

  1. Greater choice
  2. More versatility
  3. More fun for you

While some casinos still insist on providing games from just one developer by using their platform, we’ve seen more casinos with games from several developers. We expect this trend to continue unabated in 2019 as well. Any casinos that only have games from a single developer are likely to sink and disappear as time goes on.

Slots are on the rise

We think we got this one right too. While many casinos offer a range of casino games, some have focused solely on slots. New games are released each day by several providers, making it easier for casinos to offer a sterling mix of games to play.

There are plenty of casino players who only ever play slots. That means a casino offering these games and nothing else will always find an eager audience.

A boom in live mobile casinos

Did we do well here too? We think so – 2018 has proven to be a great year for mobile casino gaming. Better still, live gaming via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has continued apace and looks set to carry on the same trend throughout 2020.

Live casino games such as blackjack and roulette have long been popular. Transferring that technology to mobile gaming was only a matter of time. More advances are going to make it easier than ever for people to play live casino games wherever they are.

More performance-related rewards for players

Loyalty means a lot to online and mobile casinos. Many more are rewarding their players for sticking around and choosing their site instead of going elsewhere. Loyalty points, club schemes, and similar ventures have proven popular and will undoubtedly crop up in more casinos as we head into 2019 too.

Independent (indie) developers

Big-name developers are well known throughout the gaming industry. Yet there is still room for smaller indie developers to muscle in on the action with one or two well-placed and produced games.

With the freedom to develop their own ideas, expect to see one or two more new names to appear in future as well. Impossible to predict where in the world they will come from, as an experienced individual from anywhere could produce the next big game.

Augmented and virtual reality games

Gonzo’s Quest VR was released to good effect but didn’t perhaps catch the imagination in quite the way we expected. This is a slow-moving area, so it may be a while yet before we see lots of new releases in this arena. We predict one or two more VR games in 2020 but perhaps not much more than that.

More 3D games and parallax games

3D has long been popular in the world of slots. Parallax gaming is in its early stages but has the potential to be the next big thing. Maybe in 2020?

Rolling the two elements together means we get the chance to enjoy more immersive gaming experiences. It will soon feel as if you are really there enjoying the game in person.

How to choose the best new casino in 2020

If you are eager to play in a new mobile casino in 2019, we reveal the things to avoid and the things you should look out for.

Avoid these tell-tale disappointing signs

  • Casinos offering games from only one provider – we mentioned this above for good reason. Make sure you can choose games from several providers.
  • No mobile-friendly games available – with more players looking to get into gaming on their mobile devices, it doesn’t make sense to join a casino that won’t provide them.
  • Demanding wagering requirements on the deposit – make sure only the deposit bonus has wagering requirements attached and not your actual deposit.

Four ways to stay safe when choosing new online casinos to play at

How do you know if a new casino can be trusted? It’s a big question, but fortunately we have the answers for you. Check these four points before you decide to sign up.

  1. Check the licence – if you are in the UK, make sure a casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Check independently – don’t just trust the logo on the site.
  2. Check whether RNGs are used – random number generators ensure games are fully tested and are trusted to be random and honest to play.
  3. Check trusted reviews of the site – what do other players think of the site? What have their experiences been? Don’t proceed unless you get good reviews from several trusted sources.
  4. Check the terms and conditions – don’t forget the wagering requirements either. A good deal may only seem good until you read the small print. Don’t get caught out!

Will you use alternative deposit methods in 2020?

It’s not all about credit or debit cards. Indeed, these card methods can be susceptible to fraud if someone gets hold of your details. Consider other methods on offer at many online casinos today:

  • PayPal – this allows you to connect your bank account to your PayPal account (or a credit card if you prefer). Your details are safe and are not accessible to the casino.
  • Pay by phone bill – ideal if you are playing on mobile casino sites. Boku is perhaps the best known, followed by Payforit.
  • Neteller – you will find several casinos offering Neteller as a preferred payment method. Fees are involved with transactions, however.
  • Paysafecard – ideal if you don’t want to sign up for an e-wallet. Simply buy a paysafecard locally and use it to make payments at your preferred casino.
  • Skrill – much the same as PayPal. However, you may find more online casinos accept Skrill over PayPal, so that could be a defining factor.

The best elements to see at any new casino

There will undoubtedly be new mobile casinos to watch out for in 2019. Make sure the ones you use have these features:

  1. A no deposit bonus – this might be a free chip worth a certain amount, i.e. £5, or alternatively it could be worth more. The best ones are those with no wagering requirements, where you can keep whatever you win. They are hard to find though.
  2. A first deposit bonus – this could cover more than just the first deposit too, so watch out for the Ts and Cs to determine how many deposits will get a boost. The boost is expressed in percentage terms, i.e. a 100% bonus. There could be a ceiling on the bonus amount to be claimed or it could be unlimited.
  3. Free spin offers – some casinos offer free spins as your signup bonus. However, most casinos offering free spins will include them alongside a deposit bonus. Check and see what the terms are and how much each free spin is worth.

How big could a welcome package be at a new casino?

New casinos need to compete with established ones. One of the best ways to do this is to introduce a huge welcome treat for new members. Our favourite deal is one that offers a big bonus on the first deposit together with some free spins to enjoy.

Top tip: Look for new mobile casinos offering regular updates

Have you noticed how some online casinos rarely get an update? Other casinos seem to add new games every single day. Always go for the latter – a site with lots of promotions, new deals and tournaments, and new games to play.

If you can find a new casino in 2020 that stands out from the crowd, you might just have found a winner.

Will mobile casino apps disappear in 2020?

We think so. They have declined sharply in 2018, so it seems likely they may now vanish altogether. Very few casinos now have apps designed for Android and iOS devices, and we believe even fewer will go through 2019 with theirs still in place.

The new trend is for casinos to launch with responsive designs that adjust depending on the device the player is viewing the casino on. From smartphones to desktop computers, a responsive site will look good on them all – and be user friendly too.

What happens if you enjoy playing via apps?

Some developers have cornered the market in free-to-play gaming via apps. These tend to be more social games than the ones you would find in online casinos. If you love these, you will still find appealing versions in the App Store, at Google Play, or even on Facebook.

What we’ll see in 2020

What could be in store for us in 2019? It is impossible to predict with any accuracy, but we thought we would try and do just that. How many of the following suggestions will prove to be correct when we look back on this list in 12 months’ time?

Live gaming

We have already seen this appear in several online casinos, mostly for table games such as blackjack and roulette. Could we see it spread further into more casinos in 2019?

Certainly, while many online casinos offer some degree of live gaming, this element is still rare in mobile casinos. We expect that to change as time goes on, and we predict 2020 will be the year when we see some new mobile casino releases that include more live gaming elements. Perhaps someone will come up with some live slots elements to enjoy as well?

We have seen this to an extent with the new Max Quest: Wrath of Ra game that was released towards the end of 2019. This is a multiplayer game that pits you against other players. As such, it introduces something different that could easily lead to more live gaming slots in future.

Skill-based games

How much skill is involved in playing online slots? Not much – it is generally down to luck as to whether you win a prize or not. Everything is pre-determined, so if you pick one item over another in a picking round, the outcome is already decided for you.

Skill-based games would change the way we view slots. If they come to the fore in 2019, this could be one of the biggest changes we have ever seen. A handful of games do provide skill rounds already, but they are hard to find.

Will we spot more of these games appearing as new releases in 2020? We hope so – it would encourage more players to have a go at new slots.


2018 has been a strong year for cryptocurrencies. We have seen new casinos pop up that are based on these currencies alone, refusing to take any other method of payment. Other established casinos have added Bitcoin to their usual banking methods, and sometimes several other cryptocurrencies as well.

We predict this trend will continue in the next year. We may see other new mobile casinos pop up that are devoted to Bitcoin or another similar currency. Similarly, we think established ones will become more amenable to allowing their players to use a selection of virtual currencies if they so choose.


What is gamification, you might ask? It is the process of introducing various gaming elements into scenarios that would not otherwise include them. This might include earning points for achieving certain things, such as reaching new levels or attaining certain points in a game.

We might see this introduced into slot games, whereby they will include various levels – perhaps with new bonuses unlocked when each one is completed. It might also be possible to see new games give players various challenges to complete. This might take several forms, such as finding a certain number of symbols before the level is completed.

Branding and popular content

There is little doubt we will see more of this in the years to come – never mind in 2019. Branded slots have long been popular among players. NetEnt is a leading proponent of these, although there are others.

Popular TV shows, movies, and characters are likely to continue appearing in slots for as long as we like to play them. Which new characters might appear in the new releases coming our way throughout 2019? Only time will tell.

Will 2020 be another year to remember for new online casinos?

We think so, although it is impossible to determine which of our above guesses will prove to be correct. Suffice to say another New Year brings with it the chance to enjoy some superb new mobile casinos. We will be ready to try them – will you?