Blackjack for Mobile

Blackjack is an extremely effective game to play on mobile because the dealer vs. player design can easily be accommodated on the screen. To help you find a great mobile blackjack casino, here is a shortlist of top options to consider.

Best Mobile Casinos for Playing Real Money Blackjack


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Best Real Money Apps

Real money apps come in the two varieties of web apps and native apps, and on two main operating systems in iOS and Android. This section can help you find the ideal apps to enjoy real money blackjack for mobile.

iPhone Blackjack

Finding a real money blackjack app for iPhone is more common when visiting a casino site directly. Nowadays, it is easier casinos to have a single responsive site that works in the web browsers of multiple devices. The advantage of this approach is that players can save data space on their iPhones.

However, there is still a case to be made that natively made apps can offer quicker and smoother and performance, but this would be more relevant for the demands of live dealer blackjack.

Top Two iPhone Apps

  • Rizk Casino – This heroic site offers mobile blackjack in multiple variants, but the bigger news is that players can enjoy mobile live blackjack in high definition.
  • Casino of Dreams – At Casino of Dreams, there is the chance to play European, Atlantic City, and Vegas blackjack within a responsive web app.

Android Blackjack

Casino software developers are more focused on Android than other mobile operating systems, as it remains them most popular in the world. For this reason, more resources are devoted on ensuring Android blackjack games function effectively and smoothly in browsers.

However, the slight drawback of finding an Android blackjack app for real money is that the Google Play store does not host native real money apps, whereas the App Store does. As a result, some sites have to crudely distribute their native apps from their own site, which is not quite as smooth.

Top Two Android Apps

  • 777 Casino – This online blackjack mobile experience is available on smartphone or tablet. Then comes an array of blackjack variants that is also complemented by live blackjack dealers.
  • mFortune – Visit this Android casino to find a mobile blackjack no deposit with the £5 free offer. Then you can enjoy the European blackjack experience that awaits.

Key Rules and Tips

Each blackjack game is typically played with eight hands, and this is the first of several key rules and tips that you need to remember when playing.

The Basics

  • You play against the dealer and try to finish closest to 21 by combining card values. Above that, you go bust, while a draw will push the round and you will get your stake back. For reference, dealers often have to hit until they reach 17.
  • At the start, you will have two cards and so will the dealer, but they will show one of their cards. You then have subsequent rounds in which to receive additional cards (hit) or choosing to sit on your current hand.
  • For reference, numerical cards represent their own value (for example 7 is 7), while face cards are worth 10 and aces can be 1 or 11.

The Secrets

  1. Watch out for 16: The dealer usually has to hit until 17, which can result in numerous times when they go bust. Try to avoid taking risks when you hit 16, as you cannot take advantage of the dealer’s hand if you go past 21.
  2. Look at the dealer: You get to see one of the dealer’s cards, so make the most of it. If they have a 10, face card, or ace then they have a higher chance of beating you.
  3. Avoid side bets: The likes of perfect pairs (for example, where you have two ace of spades) will drain your bankroll and do not occur that often.
  4. Luck is coincidental: Your winning or losing streak is not caused by anything like karma. Do not follow yourself into thinking you are on a hot streak that will continue forever.
  5. Set limits: Always know how much you can afford to lose or want to win. Walk away in either scenario and you will either limit your losses or retain bona fide winnings.

Main Blackjack Game Varieties

Blackjack is most commonly played in the standard versions that have been enjoyed for years, but there are innovative variants to consider as well.

Live Dealer Blackjack

The ability to have a real-life casino experience in your own home is what makes live dealer blackjack games so incredible. Nowadays, the high definition quality and smooth broadcasting make this format supremely immersive.

Multi-hand Blackjack

Multi-hand blackjack can give you the option of playing up to three hands at the same time. This is highly appealing for players who know the odds and apply them to their decision-making. Multi-hand games can work well on mobile because the top smartphones now have larger screens than past models.

Blackjack vs. Roulette

Roulette is a riskier game that is not rooted in skill. This is why blackjack is a steadier game that can offer you the chance to build up winnings through a stable strategy.

Thank you for checking out this mobile blackjack guide. Stick with to learn more about blackjack and many other games.

New Developments in Blackjack Games

The original game of blackjack was invented back in the 1700s and it’s remained similar at its core for many years. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t new blackjack developments to look forward to though, as the online gaming world is always able to find a new twist on the classic.

Variants and New Rules

In terms of new variations on the game, you can look forward to having a go on games like Super Fun 21. This game takes into account the number of cards in your hand, as well as the number that they equal. We’re also seeing prestige, high stakes and VIP versions that add a bit more luxury into the experience.

When considering whether or not playing on a new variant is worth it, we always look to the house edge. This statistic will instantly let you in on whether the game is better or worse than other versions of blackjack. Of course, if it looks really cool then we might try it out for a few games anyway.

These new games tend to be spotted in land based casinos first, as is the case with Millionaire Maker and Lucky Lucky. These side bets are pretty cool and it would be a great option to be added onto a standard online blackjack game that makes it more unique.

Strategies and Developments

When you’re playing a side bet version of blackjack, then you need to make sure you’re also using a new blackjack strategy that works with it. While we can always use the old staple strategies for a basic new blackjack game 2018, when the rules change then we need to change with it.

Each new blackjack variant can seriously affect the overall odds of the game. When looking through these games, you need to be aware of this face and adjust accordingly. Surveys of players this year have shown that they don’t always play on variants because they’re too unpredictable. While we wouldn’t go as far to say you shouldn’t play on it, you should be aware of how they affect your chances.

Is Live Really King?

We’ve seen a lot of sites pushing their live games, but these aren’t always the ones that players are looking for. Some prefer the variety offered by video blackjack games, as you generally get more side bets and versions in the video section instead. We feel like live casino games need to up their game a bit more to ensure that they stay at the head of the pack.

Blackjack is a supreme game and new developments should just enhance this. Check out one of our suggested sites to see what’s new in gaming.

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