New Betting Sites

Sports fanatics often love betting alongside their favourite games to make the action more exciting. If you want to bet on these games, then check out this guide to get you started.

Best Betting Sites

We’ll start off this guide with the best betting site for players:

Bet365 Casino

If you’re looking for value for money, safety and a range of betting options then this is the site that we’d suggest. They offer a 100% first deposit bonus for all of their new players. more...

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Do read the terms and conditions of a site before you play.

New Vs. Reputable and Trusted

When it comes to picking from all of the new betting sites out there, you may wonder if you’re better with a new or a reputable casino site. There are some features to take into account before you go ahead and start playing:

Sporting Events Available

Sometimes new sites can be lacking in the games that they actually allow you to place your bets on. They may not be equipped or ready to take bets on more obscure sports and perhaps just offer bets on popular football matches.

With reputable sites you may get more options to bet on; like eSports, novelty bets, handball, racing and others.

Biggest Bonuses

It can be tricky to choose which sites have the biggest bonuses, as they can vary quite a lot. New sites may have bigger bonuses to tempt in new bettors, but established sites may have a more complete range of promotions for bettors at every stage. For this reason, it’s important to really look into the promotions section, not just looking at the first deposit offer.

Safety and Security

New sports betting sites UK should all comply with the same security regulations that established sites must comply to. That being said, established sites have had longer to work on their security and may offer you extra safety options, like alternative payment methods for example.

Bonuses On New Betting Sites

When you check out new sports betting sites 2018 you’ll want to watch out for the following bonuses:

  • Deposit Bonuses – A percentage that is added to whatever you pay in to the site initially. These can range from around 50% to 200% on most betting sites.
  • Free Bets – To get you started, a site may also give you one free bet that you can use on a match of your choosing. These can be a little more restrictive, so do check those terms and conditions.

How do you Find the Best Bonuses?

It’s absolutely essential for you to shop around to get the best bonuses. Look on review sites and at the betting site in depth, don’t take anything at face value. Finally, look at the terms to assess whether you’re really getting a good deal or if the terms are overly restrictive.

New Gambling Laws – What Does That Mean For Sports Betting?

Free bets are now being taxed by the Gambling Commission, which means that a percentage of all bonuses must be paid back as a tax. This may mean that we see fewer free bets as time goes on, but this will just mean that you must shop around a little more to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

How Can You Tell If A New Site Is Trustworthy?

New sites can be a bit trickier for bettors to assess, as there’s not a lot of information out there initially. The staple checks will still apply, as you can look for:

  • Licensing – Double check that you can see a valid Gambling Commission licence on a new site. It should be in date and the name should match up to the one on the site.
  • Forums – Check on Facebook and on forums to make sure that the news of a site is positive, watch out for disgruntled players and common issues.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

You can go ahead and use the following methods to deposit on a lot of betting sites, they’ll help you to stay safe:

  • PayPal – This is just about the easiest and most widely accepted eWallet service on the market. By logging into your PayPal account and authorising a payment, you don’t need to share your payment method with anyone.
  • Neteller – Similar to the process of using PayPal, Neteller allows you to shift funds from your card into your betting account. It’s easy to use and many people already have an account.
  • Paying by Mobile – Adding money into your account from a mobile phone is simple, just authorise it by sending a text. This can’t be used to withdraw though, so bear this in mind.

There are many reasons to play on both new and established betting sites, just make sure you do your due diligence. Then you can bet on matches and look forward to winning.