Roulette for Mobile

We want to present mobile Roulette in a very straightforward way, by starting out dealing with actual casinos where people especially enjoy this ritzy game. What goes into a top-quality online roulette table? But first, we want to show you the top mobile casinos on which to play, before we clarify key aspects of the game like rules, strategy and variations:

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These days, the high bar is live, real-money, mobile roulette. Just like the exclusive nooks and private rooms in casinos where Roulette battles are waged, you can find this game in unlikely or out-of-the-way places online. But you’ll want to stick to the top software companies for the best safety, bonuses, customer support and game quality.

We’re sharing our top spots, the mobile casinos where we’ve found it very fun and safe to play all types of the grand wheel, from American to European Roulette — and many exciting variations like speed versions or social gambling versions. First let’s go over some of the game’s basics.

Roulette in the Mainstream

The first thing to understand about the game of Roulette is that it has traveled from elite casino rooms and private clubs (earlier found in the courts of kings) into the hands of the masses. Granted, nothing is like going to a land-based casino and watching the actual, polished wheel and the spinning ball.

But online Roulette has given anybody in the world — no matter what their station in life or class — the opportunity to enjoy this once too privileged game of chance and skill.

Of course, the chance element is probably what Roulette is known for — extending to spin-off expressions like ‘Russian Roulette’, involving pointing a gun at one’s head which is loaded with a single bullet and the revolver has been spun at random. But there is plenty of skill involved in playing, too. Most people don’t realise that Roulette is a betting game, with enormous variations within that side of it. You don’t gather a good hand or a good total of some sort; you simply bet on the ball (choosing the right bet for the moment is your main task).

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The Game of Roulette

Overall there are about 9 types of ‘inside bets’ (betting on an exact match to the ball’s behaviour in the wheel’s baskets) and about 7 ‘outside bets’ (betting on larger categories of baskets, like black). The bet payouts for all of these are different, based upon their mathematical probability.

Roulette is a game developed in France, yet it has an American version that has become more popular over time across the globe. The American variation differs not only in its inception and style but also the fact that it has one more basket, for a total of 38. The odds are a bit better for the house, yet this version has simpler betting and game play.

Your main piece of strategic action for Roulette may simple be selecting either American or classic French or European variations on the game. The Return to Player rate (RTP) given by Roulette is higher, at about 95%-97%, than many other casino games. By as any gambler knows, there is a house edge that is fixed into the game, and, in order to win it must be cracked, at least for an instant.

The European version has a slightly higher RTP, however, the rules for betting and game play (the equivalent of etiquette) are more complex. For that reason, many newer players might opt for American Roulette despite a slight drop in RTP. It is faster and simpler, and some might say more relaxed.

Strategy-wise, after picking the right type of game, you simply need to know the rules of the game (which events happen when) and the bets available. Then it is up to you: it is necessary to fuse that knowledge with keen observation and a sharp sense of intuition. After all, you may win by responding to other, more experienced players while you learn, perhaps following others’ bets sometimes.

We know you will love playing mobile Roulette, whether a basic game or a more advanced HD, live app. Or, you can just play for the historical charm and fun of it. Roulette is always a spectacle.

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