Understanding Casino Bonus Terms Conditions

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We would rather not start off with bad news; however, most of the bonus terms and conditions that you find attached to casinos’ welcome gifts or re-deposit cash-back are un-fortunately full of red tape.

This one issue — whether you really do have your bonus immediately — might be a deciding factor for many players if they knew about it. It is an excellent way, for instance, to judge new casinos that you could be interested in joining.

First of all, in most cases you will be required to deposit a minimum amount to catch a bonus, for instance, deposit at least £10 and get £20 ‘free’. That’s a common offer. We put the word free in quotes because, almost always, although you can play through that cash, it isn’t really yours. If you win anything with it you will not be able to withdraw that immediately.

The reason you can’t own bonus cash or bonus-derived winnings right away is that wagering requirements are in place (buried in the fine print called ‘terms and conditions’ or T&Cs). What this means is that you will have to wager a certain amount corresponding to the bonus cash before it’s yours. How much?

Usually the mark is between 30x to 50x the bonus amount. That’s right, folks! Sometimes another kind of bonus, say free spins, will have a limitation that you can only win up to £100 and you must fulfil wagering requirements first. Also, at a single casino there could be separate requirements for each type of bonus (with heavier restrictions on the bigger deposits).

Another type of condition you should be aware of concerns how you withdraw winnings, assuming you are clear of any wagering requirements. A casino could in fact enforce minimum and maximum limits on your withdrawing activities. See a list of iPad compatible apps and sites here

So, if your win was not enough to hit the minimum, not good, because you’ll have to wait for your next win to access funds. If your win was larger than the maximum, also not good, because you won’t be able to withdraw enough at one time. For example, the minimum may be £10, so your £9 wins are locked. Or, the maximum may be £5K, which would be bad if you won many hundreds of thousands of pounds!

These are simply things you must check at each casino, wherever you can find the T&Cs. To wrap this up, let’s take a look at two prominent casinos, for their fine print.

Casino.com offers massive bonuses of up to £3200 across your first 8 deposits. That is some of the biggest ‘free’ cash out there, which is why we chose it as example.

Although Casino.com is great, its wagering requirement factor is a daunting 40 times whatever your bonus amount! Imagine gambling 40 x 3200= £128K, before you could enjoy any winnings had while playing over three-thousand quid! You would have to hit a jackpot or wicked hand well over £128K to make it a golden moment.

Cosmikcasino.com is an ultra-modern, high-tech online casino with amazing game selection. It offers a very nice 150% welcome bonus up to £1,500 — it is bound by a 33X wagering requirement. There is a second deposit bonus of the same proportions, with a 25X requirement.

Moral of the story: always scroll down to the bottom of a casino website and find the Terms and Conditions link, then click. Read that, before you sign up and begin depositing merrily for big bonus cash.

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