VIP Club Casino

Most Mobile casino websites are a tad difficult to properly invest your time and money into since there’s so many of them and not a lot of them have great layouts or games that are correctly optimised for mobile. 

However, one website has done a great job; VIP Club Casino has managed the mobile port pretty well.

The Design

The mobile version of VIP Club Casino is a lot simpler than its website counterpart.

For one, the layout is more basic and slightly squashed together, it’s rather appealing as it doesn’t make the site too daunting looking as most sites tend to suffer from this.

The latest offers and games all sit within their own windows with the games having a handy slider allowing you to browse from the home page.

The websites iconic logo also still makes an appearance, sitting comfortably within its Las Vegas neon sign and wearing its little crown.

The promotions and various options for this website can also all be accessed using a sub menu slider on the left of the screen.
Payment Modes

VIP Club Casino has a vast variety of different payment methods available from the standard Debit and Credit cards to Ukash vouches and paysafe.

Bonus Bundles

VIP Club Casino has a fantastic amount of bonuses available to all new and current members. New members making a first deposit can get access to an extremely generous 100% cash match on their first two account deposits.

So say you deposited the minimum of £10 into your account, you would then receive £10 back in cash match, giving you £20 to spend as you like.

There’s also a fantastic no deposit bonus available of £10.

To get this lovely gift all you have to do is sign up for an account and verify your phone number and email address.

What to Play

VIP Club Casino on mobile has an absolutely fabulous list of games to play. Although it’s slightly less than its website counterpart it still has a great selection.

There’s a ton of different games available from the ever popular Slot games, Black Jack, Roulette and other various table games plus there’s also a decent selection of scratch cards available.

The sheer number of different ways to play on VIP Club Casino is just incredible.

Our Conclusion

Overall the mobile version of VIP Club Casino does a great job, although it may not have all the flash and pizazz of the website version, it still manages to produce a great casino experience.

It’s a relatively simple site to access and the ease at which you can quickly pick up a game to play for a few minutes either on that morning commute or for a few spare minutes is just so incredibly handy.

However there are a few criticism of this site.

The game catalogue could with being a bit larger and the display is a little cluttered together giving the initial impression that there’s not much on offer.