How to Host a Home Casino

While the debate rages on over whether land-based or online casinos are better or more likely to survive, there’s a third option for gambling in the UK: hosting your own casino at home. Numerous “mobile casinos” will provide this service, bringing the entertainment of playing poker, blackjack, or roulette right to your living room. But there’s one key rule: it’s fun money only folks.

How to Hire a Mobile Casino for Your Home - Infographic

Online casinos have been gaining traction over the last decade because they’re convenient and allow you to stay home while still enjoying yourself, and mobile phone compatible casinos make that easier still. However, neither can match the glitz and entertainment of a real casino, not to mention the possibility of actual player interaction with your friends. Having your own casino combine the best of both worlds, though it does come at a price.

Entertainment For Many Occasions

Mobile casino hire companies advertise their services for a range of occasions.

While Diamond Fun Casino promotes its moveable casino as a way to arrange a memorable wedding night, Essex based TIER Fun Casino Hire paints a picture of fun for the whole family. AK Casino Knights actually encourages potential customers to hire them as a means of fundraising for a school, since the “mobile casino hire is just for fun so of course anyone is welcome to join in!”

Companies suggest hiring a mobile casino for a wedding, business event, or birthday party, as well. Because no real money is exchanged– you pay for the service, then use “fun money,” as it’s termed by many of the businesses– the mobile casino is flexible enough to entertain even those clients who aren’t over 18.

Dealers, Tables, and Chips, Oh My!

When you host your own casino night, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right. Casino entertainment companies are in the business of transforming your home or business into a casino, bringing roulette tables, chips, qualified casino dealers, and a host of other casino paraphernalia straight to you in order to make your event as “real” as possible. Customers have the option of choosing which games they’d like to play as well as whether they want their casino night to have a particular theme.

In part, the theme is provided by the customer: choosing food, decorations, invitations, and dress is part of the fun of setting up a casino in your own home, but you can work with the mobile casino company to ensure that your vision matches what you’re purchasing. Some, like AK Casino Knights, offer themes such as James Bond or Las Vegas. Many companies, such as Griffin Casinos, offer suggestions as to what you choose: Griffin tells customers that roulette and blackjack are the most popular and easily accessible games for many people, and they provide dimensions for the tables so that customers can plan accordingly.

Slots for the Kids

As mentioned, mobile casinos use “fun money” or other types of tokens in place of money, allowing players to enjoy themselves while not truly betting their assets. Because of this, mobile casinos offer a range of entertainment for kids, too. TIER Fun Casino advertises slot machines that will dazzle children with “the sounds and flashing lights and will keep them entertained for hours while the adults get on with the proper gambling!”


It’s hard to say whether getting a mobile casino is more or less expensive than going to a casino or playing online: while you can walk into a land-based casino for free, there’s no telling how much money you might lose while you’re there. In contrast to that, mobile casino hire companies ask you to pay for services up front, but then use fake money during the actual casino night. While it’s a little difficult to make a direct comparison, since each site offers slightly different services, a few comparisons can be made. For two tables, costs are as follows:

  • Fun Casino Hire: £295
  • Casino Knights: £395
  • Finesse Casinos: £395
  • AK Casino Knights (Christmas special): £395
  • AK Casino Knights (James Bond theme): £595

However, prices fluctuate for each company based on whether you want a theme, some of the lesser-played games or a larger number of tables, and whether you’d like to include a DJ with your package. The majority of companies prefer to give quotes individually, so you’ll have to know your requirements when you start looking to plan your casino event.

Regardless of how big or small you want your at-home casino to be, you’re sure to find a range of entertaining options within the UK’s mobile casino hire business!

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