Casino Weirdos

Las Vegas is known as Sin City for a number of very clear reasons. All you need to do is watch any of The Hangover movies to discover precisely why the city has such a notorious reputation among travelers from all over the world. For that matter, you can watch any Vegas-related movie or TV show to see sin taking place there. That’s why you get the legendary saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” In fact, that very statement even spawned an entire movie devoted to Ashton Kutcher. To celebrate the unhinged behaviour of visitors to Sin City, here is a collection of casino weirdos you might encounter.

Road Trip Weirdos

road trip

Anybody that has seen (or read) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas will be familiar with the weird dudes that drive through the Nevada desert on a substance-fuelled quest for slot machines and casino felt. These are the type of guys that make all others feel uncomfortable in their presence. You will be fighting over fellow players to leave the table first. Just look at the guy in the car with his uncool hat – and don’t forget the dark, creepy glasses. Give these men a very wide berth.

Stag-do Weirdos


There is something about a stag-do that just amplifies the weirdness of men. When on a stag-do, these are the fellas who will be screaming the “What stays in Vegas” line with every shot or sip of their beer. At first they might seem relatively innocuous, but do not forget the lessons you learned from The Hangover. Things will go bad fast, and there is no way you want to be around when there is a tiger in the room. If you do encounter stag-do weirdos, just pray that a live chicken clucking about the room is the worst outcome.

Parental Weirdos


Would you take your young baby to the casino? Didn’t think so. It is widely known that bright lights draw in young infants, but this is ridiculous. Just take your baby to the fun fair instead. At least they will be forming memories of a positive childhood in which they weren’t hitting the slot machines from when they were in nappies. Plus, you do not want to run the risk of spilling baby formula on the pristine green felt of the blackjack table as you desperately stretch to make a bet. Nobody is going to want to sit next to you. Oh, and there will definitely be a cleaning bill.

Granny Weirdos


Incredibly, there is just something about the lure of slot machines that proves irresistible to grannies. You can find countless documentaries discussing the phenomenon, but no one can seem to nail down an explanation. They seem happy to sit for hours on end as they sniff out a huge jackpot win. Just check out the expression on the granny winning in that image!

Poker Weirdos

poker weirdos

As you can tell from the image, the most terrifying weirdos have been saved for last. Just imagine sharing a table with that guy. Do you actually think you would stand a chance of beating him? Nope, didn’t think so. The solution is to scope out the table in advance and go nowhere near the poker weirdos and their scary sunglasses. It’s only acceptable for rock stars to wear sunglasses indoors, and that’s provided they are younger than 40. Then again, the players might just be hiding their own crazy eyes. Either way, don’t get too close.


There you have it – five types of weirdo you are likely to encounter in the casino. While they might be amusing to watch, keep your distance!


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