Big Fish Casino App Review

Big Fish Casino is a social casino that is compatible across Android, Apple iOS, and social media. Access Big Fish Casino Facebook and you can compete against friends to generate larger chip winnings and take the lead in tournaments. The sheer level of connectivity is at the heart of the appeal. After 220,000 reviews, Big Fish has received an average rating of 4.2. This app has been pivotal in raising the profile of Big Fish Games.

Technical Requirements

There is good news on the technical front because the Android app is not any more demanding than it has to be. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet from the likes of HTC or Samsung, you have to update your operating system to version 4.0 or higher. Installation will require you to have a minimum of 45MB of space, with a little extra required for smooth functionality.

Moving on to the Apple iOS side, it is also to find an iPad and iPhone casino experience. Big Fish Games recommends that you upgrade to iOS version 5.0 or higher, so download any software that you require. Compared to the Android app, you only require 42.4MB of space.

In-app Purchases

Big Fish Casino is free to download from Google Play and the App Store. Both stores promise that 100,000 free chips will be provided to each new player. The word free is heavily mentioned, but what you have to consider is that a time will come when you run out of free chips. Then, you can only play on when Big Fish Casino elects to give you more. Paying more extra chips is the only way to avoid this.

Free casino apps, like in this instance, are ultimately funded by in-app purchases, and these micro transactions are required by the developer in order to continue updating the app. Although 50,000 free chips are seemingly promised by Big Fish on a daily basis, you can only win these if you triumph in the daily prize draws by signing in to your app. When purchasing, the prices range from £0.58 up to £64.

Game Selection

Big Fish mobile games are among the strongest in the social sphere of igaming. Diversity is another factor driving the strength of Big Fish online, with users who download this app able to access all manner of casino games. And this is greatly appealing because it eliminates the need to download multiple apps just because you want to play different games.

To summarise the gaming library, Big Fish will provide you with blackjack, roulette, craps, Texas hold’em, and various types of slots. Switching between tables and slots is what the successful real money casinos do so well, and it makes sense that Big Fish would pursue this strategy.

Fringo is extremely popular in the library. Big Fish has built it as a multiplayer slot game with tropical theme, but what really stands out is that it also integrates puzzle and bingo features. The challenge is to create paylines to generate Fringos for points. Fringos can later be changes for un-lockable features.

In trying to appeal to players, Big Fish Games has developed slots that cover all sorts of popular themes. For instance, the romantics out there can try Love Machine, whereas western lovers have One-Armed Bandito. Even fruit lovers can spin Fruit Frenzy to try and unlock chips. Big Fish Casino is now available from Google Play and the App Store.