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  • 5
  • 15
  • mFortune
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Like all mFortune games, Buster Safe Slots is a homegrown title that the site’s own production team creates especially for the mFortune community and no other. If you have not yet played games made in-house (as opposed to mass-produced titles that get licensed out to countless sites) then you are in for a treat, and maybe some of Buster’s loot!

Where to Play

There is only one place to play this game, and that’s mFortune. This alone is a benefit for those who know the value of exclusive games that feel custom made, compared to the big brands seen at site after site.


What always has set mFortune apart from other casinos is its fair minded bonus policies that allow members to keep their winnings when playing with its £5 of free welcome cash or its 100% deposit matches.

A Buster Safe Experience

All mFortune games are designed with mobile players in mind, although they can be enjoyed on desktop and laptop computers also.  But the claim to fame of the site (hence the ‘m’ in its name) is premium mobile games of the highest quality, combined with the equivalent of a hometown pub atmosphere and personal customer service. These characteristics do have a bearing upon Buster Safe’s gameplay, which is quite apparent after trying it.

Buster’s Design

The visual look-and-feel of Buster Slots is very different from other games you have played elsewhere, because it is not trying for the very popular 3D animated graphics used by other suppliers. mFortune has a way of combining intentionally less polished artwork with refined game programming so as to produce a very natural game.

We find that what they have come up with is particularly well suited to a portable slot. Performance is very snappy on smartphones and tablets (and the game is 99% compatible with the range of mobiles on the market). Using their unique concept, mFortune delivers a 5-reel slot with 15 paylines and 3 simple mini-games in which bonus multipliers can be won. It is both an easy game to pick up as well as some challenge over many or longer sessions.

Your main 3×5 grid game screen shows that a vault is getting cracked into by Buster, the game’s namesake character (who is being hunted by Officer Longarm). The slot’s symbols have to do with this theme, such as Fingerprint, Jeweled Crown, Combination Wheel and so forth. Betting on 1-15 lines can be as little as 10p.

Winning Strategy

Since this buster safe slot is set up with a progressive jackpot, its middling volatility (risk) is well suited for casual and mobile punters and folks just learning how to play, but also will draw people after a big win, too.

This game will provide enough moment to moment action to keep most anybody interested. The bonus rounds will be of particular interest to experienced players who also expect to win cash when they play. Any level of player should just remember that increasing the line bet and the number of paylines in play will lead to the maximum payoffs.

Tips Between Thieves

There is not much preparation needed to start enjoying Buster Safe Slots immediately. We recommend you take a gander at the game’s Paytable (look at the small link at the very bottom/middle of the main screen) to familiarise with the wild symbols that trigger bonus rounds and jackpots.

If you think that our review is largely positive then you can tell that we like both this game as well as the site offering it. Any drawbacks some may find can be explained mostly as personal tastes. As far as quality, security, convenient banking, reputation and customer service is concerned, we feel there is little more to say than that mFortune has you covered completely.