Dazzle Me Slot

NetEnt’s Dazzle Me slot machine is as bright as the name suggests. Fundamentally, this is an experience where Dazzle Me slots are packed with colourful retro symbols on an innovative gaming interface. Get ready to learn more in this review.

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Game Design

The Dazzle Me slot doesn’t include the story elements that NetEnt games are often known for. But this is important because not every players want to be immersed in a story-driven slot experience. In these cases, Dazzle Me is an enticing proposition for the innovative design and features.

Dazzle Me Slot

The slot interface is especially interesting, as three of the five reels have been expanded in side. Reels one and two have three rows, but then reels three and four increase to four rows. Meanwhile, the fifth row has five symbols, which allows for Dazzle Me to pack 19 symbols onto the screen in a staggered design.

Wagering Rules

When playing Dazzle Me, it helps to know the rules, as the reel design changes how the game plays compared to standard slots. For starters, it isn’t common to encounter a slot with 76 fixed paylines, but that’s exactly what you’ll see with Dazzle Me.

The fixed nature of the paylines works extremely well in Dazzle Me, as the slot will cost a fraction to cover all 76. Basically, it works out as wagering for only 20 paylines and having the potential to win on 76 different lines.

The coin value can start at £0.01 and the betting level at one, which allows for a £0.20 minimum bet. For those going further, the coin value can max out at £1.00 and the level can be 10. At the very top end, this would make it possible for players to stake £200.00.

Winning Potential

At this point in the Dazzle Me review, it’s time to discuss the winning potential. First of all, it helps to learn that the slot has return to player (RTP) percentage if 96.90% to compliment a medium volatility.

In layman’s terms, what this means is that players can earn back a large portion of their stakes in the long-term. Meanwhile, the medium volatility to suggests that decent winnings are possible with relative frequency. And, second of all, this review can get into specifics by confirming that Dazzle Me has a maximum jackpot of 152,000 coins.

Bonus Features

Reels one to five can randomly change into Dazzling Wild Reels, which will add stacked wild symbols to the experience. The next major feature will be the free spins, with some of the reels becoming identical and linking together for solid winnings.

Strategy and Tips

You can win quite frequently with Dazzle Me, so you can go either high or low depending on your bankroll. Higher wagers will result in better payouts, while lower stakes will let you stick around for more of the bonus features.


Dazzle Me is a stripped-back experience loaded with special features and creative aspects. These are reasons enough to give it a shot, while the winning potential offers another compelling reason.