Gem Rocks Slot

Gem Rocks immediately grabbed our attention, and for a number of good reasons. Get our detailed insights in full by checking out our helpful Gem Rocks slot review.

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Game Design

The setting of the Gem Rocks slot has been designed by Yggdrasil to take place against a rocky mountain. Inside the mountain, players can see a variety of colourful gem symbols that will govern the functionality of the slot game.

Curiously, the slot interface measures in at six reels by four rows, which is much larger than the usual size of five reels by three rows. Another curiosity, meanwhile, is the decision to make players gather together symbols in clusters that will breakaway and be replaced by fresh symbols.

This is one of the main highlights of Gem Rocks, as the appearance of new symbols can give you the chance to form streaks of winnings without being called upon to wager on additional spins to keep the game going.

Wagering Rules

You can drop the coin value all the way to £0.002 if you would like to assign the minimum £0.10 wager on Gem Rocks. Various other values are presented, letting you raise coin value up to a ceiling of £1.00. If you raise the value to there, then you will be wagering the top £50.00 cash bet.

When wagering, it might also be useful to know that Gem Rock has integrated a selection of auto-play conditions. Ultimately, you need to assign a wager before then licking on a number of auto-spins, which rise in multiples of 10 up to 100.

Winning Potential

Gem Rocks will astonish you for its winning potential. After all, this gem-tastic slot gives you the chance to win 9,000x times your bet, while there are 4,096 ways of winning. There is an array of symbols that can pay out handsome multipliers if you are able to six or more:

  • Stars: 200x
  • Moons: 35x
  • Circles: 25x
  • Triangles: 25x

Bonus Features

Gem Rocks continues to keep you engaged when it comes to the bonus features. Fundamentally, the Gem Rock feature is a great help because it adds a massive symbol after you create a sequence of consecutive wins:

  • Two wins: 2×2 Gem Rock symbol
  • Five wins: 3×3 Gem Rock symbol
  • Nine wins: 4×4 Gem Rock symbol

Strategy and Tips

When it comes to Gem Rocks, you have to sit back and enjoy the ride. The slot does not offer free spins or bonus rounds, so it’s all about the main game:

  • Stay patient and try to wait until you hit a streak of combination wins, as you can soon trigger the appearance of a massive Gem Rock.
  • As with any slot, it always helps to figure out your budget for the session and think about how many spins you can reasonably afford to play for.


Gem Rocks should appeal if you like it when slot games try out fresh themes and features. Further benefits to playing Gem Rocks include the block-breaking design, the prospect of consecutive wins, the creation of Gem Rock symbols, and the mobile compatibility.