Little Red Riding Reels

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While it is true that Little Red Riding Reels slots at mFortune has all the customary charm of this site and its in-house game developer (InTouch), it has a staid theme and is not as surprising as other games here. Yet we still think that it has a valuable place in the portfolio, since it will suit certain players.

Where to Play

Before we go over many of the game’s best points as well as its questionable aspects, let’s give credit where credit’s due, which is with mFortune — because that is the only place to find Red Riding Reels.


Even if this slot title is not your favourite, we feel great about recommending mFortune for its many splendid traits, such as real bonus cash (meaning it yields real wins instead of red tape). New players get a £5 free no deposit bonus and up to £100 matched.

Playing the Game

We’ll go over the basics of this slot’s design, rules and strategy for gameplay in our review. Since the rules and gameplay are rather simple, in closing we also shall get into some of the fringe benefits of being an mFortune member.

Riding Hood Design

Of all mFortune’s slots, we must say, this one may be very popular but not because it is particularly innovative. Rather, people generally love old Grimm’s tales like this. Graphically, the main game screen is too busy in our opinion. Its colour palette is unfocused and there are way too many small items vying for attention. — This slot will be less easy to play mobile than other mFortune games for that reason.

Still, because we cannot underestimate the overriding popularity of Miss Riding Hood, it is not fair to criticise this game on account of its design and theme, when many players will find nothing at fault. If you love Riding Hood, then you’ll probably dig the game’s title pun, and the rest of it, too.

The Hood’s Rules

This is a 5 reel slot (with just 3 rows) and it has 15 paylines. For a mobile slot its two bonus rounds are a plus, and because they are each very simple they’re manageable during quick gaming sessions on the go. In fact, some players comment that these trivial side games trigger more than might be expected — often interrupting their main spin action:

  1. Grandma’s House — pick bonuses from covered baskets
  2. Grabba Goodies — spin the wheel to progress on the path

Red Riding Reels is a low risk slot, and it will return fairly frequent but lower value wins. This is ideal for a game that can provide light entertainment and sustain longer sessions. Its progressive jackpot is there (5 bonus symbols will crack it) and yet this pot rarely grows huge. Otherwise, there are 5 free spins to look out for, and a 300X payout for those who bet big at the right moment.

Stay Your Course

Strategy-wise there is not much to remember about playing the Little Red Riding Reels slot other than making sure your bet is pumped up before any paylines light up — if you want a more sizeable win to take home. Otherwise, your smaller bets will meet with 5X or 10X multipliers often enough to keep you on your way playing the game.

We will repeat that almost in spite of this slot title, mFortune is worth joining because it is a UK landmark among mobile punters. They love how they get actual wins off bonus cash, and PayPal or pay-by-phone can be used for quick top ups. For casual slot players, mFortune is a must-play site.