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  • 5
  • 15
  • InTouch
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One cannot separate mFortune from the games made for the site’s members exclusively by its parent company, InTouch. Rather than having endless swipes of game titles in a mobile portfolio so big that nobody has the time to explore it, mFortune offers a concise lineup. It brings absolutely unique UK games like its signature 9 Lives Slots to discriminating mobile players.

Where to Play

There is only one place to go for playing Nine Lives and other InTouch games, and that is the one and only mFortune. So let’s have a quick portrait of this site before a careful look at the game.


This legendary mFortune mobile casino is famous for honest deals, since its free £5 and 100% matching cash up to £100 entitles players to keep all of their winnings without fulfilling wagering requirements before withdrawals!

Rules and Strategy

To be clear: this is a 15-payline mobile slot. It has two bonus side games:

  1. Lucky Litter (you shake your device)
  2. Cloud Nine (it’s an automatic wheel spin)

Up to 9 free spins can be won, and the payouts range from 500X to a progressive jackpot. Betting can be dialed in anywhere from 2p per line to £150 per spin. Therefore you can see that Nine Lives is a slot which will hold the attention of many kinds of players, from casual commuters to serious mobile gamers and jackpot hunters.

Life Rules

With its features and bonus rounds and a frisky pace of gameplay, Nine Lives manages to be both simple and engaging enough to hold interest and generate curiosity to play it frequently without boredom. That means it is ideal for a mobile slot, based upon the active ways it is played.

At around a 96% RTP its odds are not the lowest or the highest — which shows once again mFortune’s skill and wisdom in tuning this game according to what its members want, as well as making it a great choice for mobile gamers, in particular.

How to Play

As always, you can enjoy your Nine Lives (or however much of a bankroll with which you begin) with low bets in order to learn its ropes or pass a bit of time instead of cat napping. Or, you can turn your free time into a serious run at a life-changing windfall jackpot, in which case you should pump up your bets as high as you can.

This game’s features and bonus rounds make it exciting for casual play as well as having the progressive jackpot potential that makes it intriguing for kittens stalking a big win. Its combination of fairly simple gameplay (no studying required to start spinning it!) with a progressive jackpot is unique, just like its homegrown graphics and British wit.

Cat’s Design

If you have never played an mFortune game then you may be thrown off by its chunky graphics that have a sort of hand-drawn look, decidedly not slick and polished like the big-name casino games out there. You may also find mFortune’s understated sense of humour a little dark or edgy (such as this game’s icon showing a little feline Grim Reaper). Yet you have to admit that its gameplay is super smooth, and it is a joy to watch its quirky artwork in action and its symbols spin.

Basically we want to give you the impression that the Nine Lives Slot is worth trying, and that mFortune is a casino worth joining. You’ll find many other exclusive games here, surrounded by an upbeat loyal community and backed up by excellent service.