New Jersey Casino Implement Two New Mobile Apps

In an attempt to take advantage of the recently shifting legislation surrounding online gambling, a casino in New Jersey has released applications for iOS devices.  The casino in question is question is the Borgata Casino Hotel, and it has recent made this investment as they think it will significantly complement their existing services.  Developed by bwin.partner, the app allows gamblers in the city to access the new iOS mobile platforms through the Borgata Casino as well as the Borgata Poker websites.

Online Gambling Legalised

This move comes less than one year after the state of New Jersey declared online gambling to be legal.  Given the rush into the emerging space as you can imagine, there were a few early hiccups for many operators.  However, this new project is looking to have potential and is already gathering momentum.

Capability of the Apps

The new Borgata Casino apps will allow its users to access numerous Vegas-style games such as online roulette and online blackjack.  Poker players also have a number of options and can select between playing real-money games, fast-forward versions of the game, play for free or play preview poker.

Avoiding the Issues

As we have seen thus far, the general reaction of the New Jersey residents and visitors has been positive.  Both the casino and the players are benefitting from the new arrangement, as the players can now connect to a casino game wherever they happen to be.  No longer do they have to be physically in the casino, standing at a table.  Although many other new online casinos have experience many teething issues with the transition to online gambling, Borgata has made the move very smoothly, with no problems arising yet.   A main reason for this is the focus that the project has been given by the firm.  John Forelli has specifically stressed the significant of user-friendliness in their design and approach.  Only by ensuring this was a major priority from the outset would they be able to design an application which has operated so seamlessly as of yet.

The New App

The new applications allow players from the casino to join the Borgata Rewards Scheme, and they have a choice to redeem points which can be spent on bonuses, cash, entertainment, accommodation and shopping at the Borgata resorts.